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DIY IKEA - How to Make Money in a Soft Housing Market PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kelly   
Thursday, 06 November 2008 13:50

diy-ikea-kitchen.jpgIn the current market, buyers are looking for deals, which means that they want discounts on value- they want to cut into your margin.  So, falling home prices require that home improvements must be economical- you must maintain the margin in your home improvements, despite buyers taking discounts on it. How do you do that??

Why Choosing IKEA is Smart PDF Print E-mail

Not sure about choosing IKEA for your remodeling project?  You're not alone. Find out the top 5 reasons IKEA should be your number one choice. 

10 Keys to IKEA's Low Prices PDF Print E-mail

Just how does IKEA manage to offer such consistently low prices?  Many people think that it's because the furniture is made cheaply, which isn't exactly true.  Read on to find out about some of IKEA's less obvious cost-saving strategies.