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Many people believe IKEA cabinets are all contemporary or modern in styling. While it is true that there are many modern, even ultra-modern styles, there also doorstyles which are traditional, vintage, or country, just to name a few. 

Beadboard, dovetails and rails and stiles are just some of the details that lend a more traditional feel to some doors.  You can also significantly alter the look of a kitchen through the use of accessories and hardware.  Consider this:

  • Add Pronomen or Numerar wood butcherblock countertops to a beadboard style door such as Stat  for a country farmhouse feel.
  • Use cut glass knobs on a white or cream frame and panel door like Adel or Lidingo to get a vintage look.
  • Try attaching gathered fabric to the inside of Fagerland glass doors for French country decor.

Check out the IKEAFANS Community Galleries for real-life examples of how IKEA can fit into any design ideal.  Click here to go!IKEA has 4  cabinet style groups: Young, Modern, Country, Scandinavian - each representing a distinct aesthetic.