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Information and tips on planning your projects: Kitchens, workshops, bathrooms, and more! 

IKEA Home Planner Warning Index PDF Print E-mail

The IKEA Home Planner Software is a useful tool to help plan your kitchen, office and bedroom. Following is an index and explanation of some of the warnings that pop up to warn you of an error in your design, a potential conflict, or a dangerous situation. Read more to see images and explanations, including the relevant NKBA Guidelines when they are applicable.

IKEA Kitchen Quality: Debunking the myths PDF Print E-mail
Will you regret your IKEA Kitchen purchase?  Separate fact from fiction in this article about the myths of IKEA quality as it relates to the IKEA kitchen cabinet lines. 
88" Pantry Configurations PDF Print E-mail

Because IKEA's cabinet system is component based, there are many more options and possibilities than those that are shown in the catalog.  Check out some of the possible configurations for the 88" pantry cabinets. 

How to Use the IKEA Kitchen Planner PDF Print E-mail

Tips and Tricks to get you going on your plans in the IKEA Kitchen Planner.  Put together by the experts at IKEAFANS Kitchen Planning forums. 

IKEA's Akurum / Faktum Kitchen System : It's Totally Component! PDF Print E-mail

The Akurum Kitchen System (and it's European counterpart, Faktum) is truly genius.  Find out more about what sets this system apart from the stock cabinets you'll find in home centers.

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