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Tribaldancer is the moniker of Sharon Moore, who is a tribal bellydance instructor in Seattle by night (, and an unabashed net surfer by day. She manages to also fit in some work in costuming, web and graphic design, and copious dog petting

(she's got two lovable pups who keep her company at home all day). She is happily married to her best friend, Chris, and she enjoys wine, cheese, movies, crafty and artistic endeavors of all kinds, Rock Band (the game), entertaining, and being a "crazy auntie" to all her friends' kids.

Sharon found IkeaFans when considering remodeling her tiny little kitchen in 2006. The remodel didn't happen until 2008, but her love of Ikea only grew in all that time, and her participation on the forums garnered her a place among the mentors. She only hopes she can offer as much help and encouragement to others on IkeaFans as those who have helped and encouraged her all these years.