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How to Save and Post IKEA Planner Files
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For image posting, first you need to be sure that your .fpf file is converted (or saved as) a .jpg or .gif.

To upload pictures, go to the Galleries or click on Upload to Galleries from your text editor. First step is choosing a category - in this case, choose Implementation>Plans, then click continue. Once there, click on upload and you'll get the form for uploading into that category - some categories call for different bits of info on the photo, and although it may look like a lot, it really just takes a few extra seconds. The idea is to make things very accessible to others searching for the same photos in the future.

So, browse to your picture on your computer, or drop in the URL for a picture that's hosted elsewhere. Give it a title (include the shape of the kitchen and your membername, i.e. U-shaped kitchen plan - MyMemberName), Choose Type = Plan, General Category of Room = Kitchen, Product Line = Akurum/Faktum, and a description (like, this is the close to final plan that has the wall of pantries flanking the refrigerator, or some such), then Photo Source = Member Submitted Photo. You can even upload a whole set of images and they'll always be associated. Hit upload and you should be all set.