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IKEAFANS Staff Profiles
IKEAFANS Staff, Moderators and Mentors are the folks that keep this site the friendly, helpful place that it is.  

Chuck - IKEAFANS Moderator PDF Print E-mail

Chuck lives in Bala Cynwyd, PA with his wife of 26 years and 2 daughters.

dafogle - IKEAFANS Moderator PDF Print E-mail

Doreen works for a major computer company. She lives in the forest of northern california and tele-commutes to work every day.

dalbrough - IKEAFANS Moderator PDF Print E-mail

Dalbrough a self proclaimed renovating and decorating magazine addict joined IkeaFans in February 2006 on the quest to meet others who share the love of Ikea as much as she does. Living near Toronto, Ontario with her three boys, one huge yellow dog and the love of her life, “hubs” as she calls him keeps her busy.


DesignDiva - IKEAFANS Super Moderator PDF Print E-mail

DesignDiva is a stay at home mom with a background in computer application development and system management. A veteran of DIY home renovation, she and her husband, a software developer, live in a modest starter home that is in a constant state of morph.


DulcineaK - IKEAFANS Moderator PDF Print E-mail


Dulci lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband of 7 years and their two young children; they hope to adopt (at least) 2 more. She has been renovating houses since the age of 15 and just can't get enough of it.

Emmie9999 - IKEAFANS Moderator PDF Print E-mail

Emmie lives in the suburbs northwest of Boston, MA with her husband of 12 years and their three cats. Born and raised in northern New Jersey,

Gloria - IKEAFANS Moderator PDF Print E-mail

Gloria is a homeschooling mom to five brilliant children. With her husband of 15 years, a software architect, they own a lovely home near St. Louis, Missouri, for which she plans renovations far in advance of when they'll be needed or executed.


kellybmw - IKEAFANS Moderator, Public Relations and Marketing PDF Print E-mail

kellybmw lives in Minnesota with McGuyver, her artist-husband of 18 years, their two boys, and an Airedale who is so well known that people they have never met greet him by name.

kmcg - IKEAFANS Moderator Emeritus PDF Print E-mail

kmcg is a professor and soccer mom who stays connected with her Swedish heritage by travelling there frequently and using IKEA products in every remodeling project. She is currently on sabbatical from IKEAFANS.


Macks13 - IKEAFANS Mentor PDF Print E-mail

macks13.jpgMacks13 lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with her two lovable cats: Reuben and Milo. By day she is a mild-mannered sticker-maker for a large Swedish furniture company. By night, she is a properties designer for a smallish children's theatre.

Susan - IKEAFANS Site Administrator PDF Print E-mail

As  co-administrator of IKEAFANS, Susan is responsible for much of the day to day maintenance of the site as well as being head of the hair-brained idea department. She handles the graphics and layouts and runs down IKEA information wherever it may be found. Susan is dedicated to bringing the best that the IKEAFANS community has to offer to as many as possible.

Tigratrus - IKEAFANS Site Administrator PDF Print E-mail

As a co-administrator on IKEAFANS, James  (aka James or Tigger) is responsible for technical engineering, software implementation, troubleshooting, server maintenance. James spends much of his free time gathering and disseminating instructions and answering assembly and installation questions.

torrus - IKEAFANS Moderator PDF Print E-mail

A long term member on the inside track, torrus has been an IKEA fan since installing System 210 - the predecessor for the current kitchen system in his own home nearly 20 years ago.

TribalDancer - IKEAFANS Mentor PDF Print E-mail

Tribaldancer is the moniker of Sharon Moore, who is a tribal bellydance instructor in Seattle by night (, and an unabashed net surfer by day. She manages to also fit in some work in costuming, web and graphic design, and copious dog petting

_mike_ - IKEAFANS Mentor PDF Print E-mail

Mike lives in a modest 60's bungalow in Ottawa with his lifetime partner of 28 years, two of their three 'young adults' still at home, a pair of standard poodles and a Bouvier.