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As  co-administrator of IKEAFANS, Susan is responsible for much of the day to day maintenance of the site as well as being head of the hair-brained idea department. She handles the graphics and layouts and runs down IKEA information wherever it may be found. Susan is dedicated to bringing the best that the IKEAFANS community has to offer to as many as possible.


Susan started IKEAFANS as a hobby in March of 2005. Wife to James (Tigratrus) and mother to 2 adorable kids, she works from home, homeschools and plots world domination. Almost every free moment is spent in building and maintaining IKEAFANS. A gifted artist, she has a degree in Graphic Arts, and is a completely self taught web developer. She dreams of someday having her own IKEA kitchen, and lives vicariously through IKEAFANS who are realizing their dreams.