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JasonG Mar 13th, 07 1:41 pm

Fixa Diffusion Barrier?
What is a "FIXA Diffusion Barrier?" The Ikea website says the following on the countertop pages . . .

"FIXA diffusion barrier shall be mounted above the dishwasher for added protection against moisture."

The website doesn't seem to have it listed and I haven't found any other information about it. Where does it go? My dishwasher is already wrapped in insulation . . . I have never had a dishwasher moisture problem that would affect countertops.


splatgirl Mar 13th, 07 5:55 pm

AFIK, its just plastic sheeting. You could probably use a heavy lawn and leaf bag or get some heavier weight plastic sheeting from the home center.
Presumably it's to prevent the humidity emitted by the dishwasher from adversely affecting the countertop.

JasonG Mar 14th, 07 7:24 am

Thank you!

jackww Mar 14th, 07 8:39 am

You can also buy an aluminium tape (2" wide or more) and cover with the tape an underside of the countertop just above the dishwasher....This tape (cost about $10) is attaching itself very strongly to the countertop. This is what I did in my kitchen.

jenatea Nov 23rd, 07 7:39 pm

Re: Fixa Diffusion Barrier?
You can but the Fixa diffusion barrier from Ikea for only $ 2.99

kingdave@mac.com Nov 27th, 07 9:55 am

Re: Fixa Diffusion Barrier?
Ikea supplied me with a length of 2" wide or so "metallic" tape that went underneath the edge of the countertop at the front above the dishwasher where steam comes out during the cycle. It prevents the steam from getting in the seam between the pieces of laminate and causing them to separate. It was cheap, so I installed it... better safe than sorry. I just asked the Ikean at the kitchen area to fix me up wih one and I picked it up at the pickup desk after checking out.

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