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bertazzoni user recommendation?

Hi folks,
I am looking into a Bertazzoni range and was looking for a user recommendation. I have only been able to find one person online who hooked hers up to LP (I have natural gas) and it didn't work well for her. Salespeople do not recommend Bertazzoni for LP anyway, so I don't think I will have those issues of not having a reliable oven temperature.
My stove is going to be front and center when a person walks in the back door, so I want a looker, but it should also work. This would be about the most I can afford ($2,400ish) that looks this good.
Any thoughts?


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Old Jul 24th, 07, 7:46 pm  
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Re: bertazzoni user recommendation?

That's a lovely range! I don't have any practical experience, but I hoped maybe bumping it up would give someone who may a chance to respond. I hope you get some good info!


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Old Aug 13th, 07, 12:55 pm  
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Re: bertazzoni user recommendation?

Hi Amys,

Have you gone ahead with the Bertazzoni purchase? I ask because I just purchased one over the weekend (36", 5 burner, SS) from a local appliance dealer, but have yet to pull the trigger on finalizing the order. I am also considering Fisher Paykels new gas range (Fisher & Paykel - US - Cooking Appliance : Oven, Cook Top, Range, Cooker, Rangehood,) but have yet to find any in depth detail about the product as it is just starting to hit the market.

So, I was hoping you may be able to offer up a review on the Bertazzoni if you have any additional info/experience. With that said, from what I've seen so far regarding the Bertazzoni, I feel relatively confident that it is a good purchase. I've been told it's been in the US market for around a year now and getting good reviews, good customer service (though little needed), etc.. Good luck

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Old Aug 13th, 07, 1:52 pm  
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Re: bertazzoni user recommendation?

Hi Back Jfraone (sp?),
I did go ahead with the Bertazzoni purchase. when I was first interested in them, no one around me carried them. Now that my renovation has taken shape (is taking shape), Bertazzoni has gotten into my local market, so I feel better about the purchase. the local folks here have not had a repair yet, but when they were deciding whether or not to buy, they had their service folks take one apart and analyze it, and the service folks said it looked well put together.
I also like the fact that I found it locally for essentially the best online price. I wanted to buy locally for the repair issues, should there be any, and finding a good price (2250 for the 4 burner) made that a non-issue for me.
I went with the 4 burner for space, but I like the layout of the 5 burner, with the big guy in the middle (or that's how I remember it).

I was able to find a long discussion on gardenweb of people who could not decide whether or not to go with the Bertazzoni, and they said a lot of positive things, though much was about looks.

I am basically in love wiht the looks of the Bertazzoni, and because I don't have to marry it, I thought that was a good enough reason to get it. If you are still deciding, ask me again in two months, I should have soem experience with it by then.

I opted against the colors, because they seemed to be hard to decorate around and lacked nuance (I like some of the Viking colors, but I do not trust Viking). And then I would have needed the 36".

Best of luck

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Old Oct 16th, 08, 9:47 pm  
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Re: bertazzoni user recommendation?

Hi amys,

It looks like it's been a year since you posted your note about just getting your Bertazzoni. I am in the market for a new range and want the look of a pro series type range...but really don't want to spend $3600+ for one. Now that you've had yours for a year, what are your thoughts on the pro's and con's? Any regrets?

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Old Oct 17th, 08, 12:05 pm  
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Re: bertazzoni user recommendation?

I have the Berta (5 burner 36" model) -- we've been using it for about 8 months now and it's fantastic.

As others have said-- it's gorgeous, we've recieved many compliments (from my dad even!) and concensus is that it looks more expensive than it really is.
Burners and convection oven are amazing, I am a stir frying and roasting queen!
Clean up is easy, burner grates are substantial but not clunkers like the more commercial stoves.
Happy with customer service- I purchased ours 'almost new' off of CL, and it didn't include the anti-tip brackets. The service guys shipped us a pair at no cost.

Sometimes the big middle guy burner goes out when it's on the lowest setting- granted its supposed to be the 'power' burner, and so its not really for simmering.
Lighting the oven and making sure it stays lit for preheating can be tricky, you have to be careful about this.
And oven thermometer is a must, since the dial has few markings on it. This is no big deal for me, and I probably get better results because I'm actually cooking at proper temperatures.

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Old Oct 14th, 09, 1:03 pm  
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Re: bertazzoni user recommendation?

I got the bertazzoni in July 2009 and have been using it for 3 months. I have nothing but good things to say about it.
But it took couple of weeks to get there:

First off, when it arrived, the oven didn't work. I mean it did light up when you pressed the spark button, but it didn't stay on. It was new so the store got it serviced for free, and when the repairman opened it, it turns out when it was shipped some things shifted around and the temperature sensor was displaced. So it was a 30 seconds fix, he just put it to the right place and now the oven works like a charm, stays on without a fault. If you're having trouble with the oven staying on, I would look into this. Also, delivery guys didn't bring some parts (the roasting tray and grill), but bertazzoni had them shipped to me at no cost in less than 2 weeks. The repair guy said that he rarely fixes these vs how many sell, especially in comparison to the Viking oven.

From what I saw so far, it's a no fuss oven. Most of the parts are mechanical and therefore won't break unless you get a hammer to it. That was one of the reasons we bought it. We are very messy in the kitchen, especially when cooking, and this oven cleans up fantastically. It looks like new after every cleaning. I had my pots boil over couple of times, but nothing ever got inside the burners, it all nicelly collects on the top steal tray, and cleans un very easy. It's like a quality from the 1950's when things were made to last.... I hope we have it for a very long time.

I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

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Old Jul 11th, 10, 12:52 pm  
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Question Re: bertazzoni user recommendation?

I am thinking of buying a 30" Bertazzoni range but my appliance dealer is trying to discourage me. I'm seeing lots of good reviews online but they are a few years old and mostly from people who only had their ranges a short time. If any of you who have had the range for a year or two see this post, would you be kind enough to let me know how the ranges are holding up. The Bertazzoni ranges look great, but I still think it is most important that a stove and oven work well.Are you still happy? Are there problems? Is it difficult to get repairs?


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Old Jun 12th, 12, 5:50 pm  
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Re: bertazzoni user recommendation?

We are in the process of finalizing our all gas range this week.

The rest of the appliances are Bosch, and unfortunately Bosch's slide-ins are duel fuel (we dont have a 220v connection).

The range is going to be front and center in the kitchen, and is the focal point along with the wall backsplash. Bertazzoni, GE Cafe and NXR are our short lists. Any thoughts?

Bertazzoni users, it would be great if you can chime and let us know how the range is faring for you.

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