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pantry wall configuration
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pantry wall configuration
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pantry wall configuration by awindram
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Posted By awindram   |   Visit awindram's Gallery   |   Original image in the Kitchen Planning Gallery

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IKEA Kitchen Photo: pantry wall configuration

Image Title: pantry wall configuration

Hi Folks! I'm almost done planning the kitchen and this pantry wall is all that's left to nail down before I place the order. I would love any feedback you have regarding this configuration. I believe all the mods are possible based on all of the wonderful information I've read here. I've subbed all of the double doors for singles wherever possible. I have a few questions though:

1. Would it be possible to use the hinges from a horizontal cabinet on the 18x30 door over the advantium oven so that door opens up rather than to the side?

2. Would it be weird to have a 6.25" toe kick? It would make the top of the fridge line up with the top of the 39" doors AND it would allow me to install 3 toe kick drawers like marc-andre's in this thread.

3. Could I put entertainment center hinges on the 39" door next to the fridge? (the kind where the door opens 90 degrees then slides back into the side of the cabinet so you can see the tv. Then I could put the microwave and toaster oven in there and have them usable yet easily hidden. DH says I'm going to burn the house down. Is he right?

Thanks so much for your input!

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Old Mar 3rd, 12, 5:28 am  
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Re: IKEA Kitchen Photo: pantry wall configuration

1. The hinges shouldn't be a problem, but the door will be. Ikea's 30" doors are not really 30", and the door, turned sideways, will be wider than the other doors and drawer fronts in that stack. Maybe you could use a shallow drawer front under the oven and either a 12-1/2" or the 11+" drawer above it (the middle drawer from a 3-drawer stack).....which reminds me: the middle and bottom drawer fronts for those deep drawers are not the same size.

2. I think the higher toekick would be fine, especially if this cabinet group is "stand-alone" and doesn't have to line up with any base cabinets.

3. The entertainment center doors. Hmmm. That will take some experimentation. Our slide-away doors don't overlay the vertical sides on the cabinet when they're closed; maybe there's other hardware out there that would accommodate that arrangement. The Ikea doors are sized to cover the vertical edges of the cabinet. I think you'd have to use narrower doors (probably not the look you're after) and rearrange the shelves in that unit so the doors had enough height clearance to slide back. I hope someone can come up with a more optimistic evaluation for you, though.

Good luck with the kitchen!

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Old Mar 3rd, 12, 9:19 am  
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Re: IKEA Kitchen Photo: pantry wall configuration

For #3, the hideaway door hardware is always for inset type doors, which it's fairly simple to make to slide back and in like that. Ikea kitchen cabinet doors are full overlay: they completely cover the frame when closed. So they're just not sized to move that way. If you do a search here for appliance garage, you'll find several threads by people who've wanted to do something like this. AFAIK , nobody ever has managed it.

I wouldn't put a toaster in there. They get very hot and I think your husband is right, unless you have a pullout shelf or something. Micro, possibly, but I'd prefer to do it with one that has a trim kit for in-cabinet installation (lots do), that lets it vent out the front.

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Old Mar 5th, 12, 10:58 am  
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Re: IKEA Kitchen Photo: pantry wall configuration

Harpy and personalshopper, you are both completely right. It would be impossible to put the slide away hings on full overlay doors. Duh! See, that why I LOVE this site and so much appreciate having a second set of eyes to catch my goofs.

personal shopper, thanks for pointing out that the 18x30 door will be too wide. I'll just put in two 18x15's (from the over fridge cabinet). Actually that will line up better with the doors above anyway.

Harpy, I think you and DH are right. As much as I hate seeing that ugly little oven out on the counter, a charred kitchen would be worse!

I drew it out again, this time putting in the lines on the adel door fronts. I hope it's not too busy. I also changed the fridge to a side by side. After taking the 8 & 5 year old appliance shopping, I realized that they would need a stool to get into a french door fridge. A brand new highly dentable stainless fridge. You can see where I'm going with this. I'm all about the kids being self sufficient, so sxs it will be!
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Re: IKEA Kitchen Photo: pantry wall configuration 

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