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paramusikea Apr 15th, 12 5:02 pm

Granite purchase - what was charged?
Hi. I'm new and I hope I searched thoroughly enough and this hasn't been covered recently. I ordered my granite countertop from Ikea and barely looked at the receipt. It was the last step and i was pretty worn out from ordering cabinets and accessories. I made a change to my order so I reviewed my order form and found some odd charges. I was charged for template and installation even though they advertise the prices of granite as installed. I called them and they said they were not sure why it was listed like that but that the company they use instead charged me two different fees which conveniently more or less equalled the template and installation fees. One fee was called u/m sink polished and the other was a special fee for me living in new york city. Neither of these extra fees were ever mentioned. I can understand a fee to cut the sink hole (I guess) but a special fee for my location of $300 is a bit extreme. I am waiting for Ikea to get back to me. Is this normal? Can the subcontracted company make up whatever fees they want? Anyone have a similar experience?

Patinstall Apr 16th, 12 2:18 pm

Re: Granite purchase - what was charged?
I haven't ordered stone from them. I will say this:

An up charge for NYC seems fair if mentioned upfront. The city is ridiculous for parking, supers are usually a pain, elevators are scarce, and property companies force contractors to jump through insurance hoops. The inaccessibility in the city makes the charges necessary.

That being said, it should have been conveyed to you at point of sale. As far as the template/install break out, all stone companies price that way, even if Ikea calls it 1 per square foot price. It is just the internal way they keep track of pricing. Sometimes templates are outsourced to companies who just template, which is part of the reason. Also, not every piece of countertop needs a template, i.e. a 36" vanity top.

A lot of these issues are caused by attempts to standardize pricing, which is not effective, or fair, imho.


paramusikea Apr 16th, 12 8:07 pm

Re: Granite purchase - what was charged?
Thanks for your reply. Yes, the biggest problem I have is the lack of information. The ikea form they use has line items for installation and template even though they don't charge fees for that. In the installation line was the extra charge for NYC and in the template line was the fee for the sink cut out. I was never informed about either fee. I am sure it was just because these fees are what they are and I was determined to get my granite from Ikea and not because my sales rep was trying to hide anything. They have all been so nice. The $300 nyc fee should be clearly disclosed. It is high enough that it made my purchase through Ikea not a good one. I had other choices which did not charge a fee. In my case, the $300 fee is almost pure profit for them. I have super easy access to my apartment and a garage within one block that charges work trucks $30 for the entire day. I will make sure Ikea knows they need change their practices.

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