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alisadm Jan 7th, 13 8:57 am

Re: seeking older catalogs in pdf
I don't have them in .pdf, but I do have hard copies of every USA IKEA catalog since 1990. I also have issues 1-6 and 8 of SPACE magazine (would KILL for that missing issue #7) and "The Book of Home Design Using IKEA Home Furnishings." I treasure those suckers and have taken them with me in every time I've moved over the past 20+ years (which says something 'cause they're pretty **** heavy). I would never let them be dismantled for scanning.

Anyway, I'd be glad to look things up for people if you have an idea of what it is you're looking for. A picture and a general year would be most helpful!

Cealina Mar 2nd, 13 10:58 pm

Re: seeking older catalogs in pdf
Hello! I came across your post regarding your extensive collection of catalogs :) I have a black metal full size bed that has a mesh pattern on the head and foot boards and would like to find out the name of it. Ultimately, I am trying to find all replacement bolts for the bed, but hard to find anything without a name. From the whole two photos I found online, I am thinking this came from 1997.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

alisadm Mar 3rd, 13 8:32 pm

Re: seeking older catalogs in pdf
Found it in the 1996 catalog and that's the only one. It's called GROV. Hope it helps! :IKEA:

Cealina Mar 3rd, 13 11:54 pm

Re: seeking older catalogs in pdf
Thank you so very much!!! I am very happy for the info and pleased that I was able to find it here. I will start my search on my bolts :)

Alex747 Apr 20th, 13 12:50 pm

Re: seeking older catalogs in pdf
Wow, its amazing what Google can find... found this website and it looks like perhaps you may know the answer to my nagging question... I have an IKEA wall sized entertainment center purchased in late 2004. It is very light wood, (birch color maybe?), with a large slot for what was a big box TV at the time, shelves, and has two large WHITE pull out drawers on roller wheels underneath. I have not been able to figure out what that was called and cannot find any images of it online. I would take some pictures but it is in pieces in a storage shed right now...

Any ideas? Thank you......

alisadm Apr 20th, 13 3:03 pm

Re: seeking older catalogs in pdf
I found it in the 2005 catalog, page 182 listed as "New!". It's called BORGHAMN. :IKEA:


Dizar Apr 22nd, 13 6:34 am

Re: seeking older catalogs in pdf
Hi, I see through the forum posts that some of you have an extensive collection of catalogues.

I am doing a project on interior design for university and I believe in the 2003 copy there was a running theme of seeing a room as a cube. They had diagrams of a room as if it were unfolded and ways to use space on the walls etc. I was wandering whether if someone has that particular issue, you could take pictures of the pages that illustrate this idea like the one below that I eventually found online.


Any help would be appreciated though. Thank you.


Tux Apr 22nd, 13 9:31 am

Re: seeking older catalogs in pdf
ich habe die spanische Ausgabe des Katalogs 2003 als pdf-Datei, die ich mal im Netz fand ....

Dizar Apr 22nd, 13 9:43 am

Re: seeking older catalogs in pdf

That's brilliant, I'm spanish so I'll be able to decipher what its saying too. Do you have a link or could you pass it on? Thank you.

(I used google translate to decipher your message so I thought I'd send you mine translated too for fun)


Das ist brillant, ich bin spanisch also werde ich in der Lage sein zu entziffern, was seinen Worten zu. Haben Sie einen Link oder könnte passieren Sie es auf? Vielen Dank."

Tux Apr 22nd, 13 10:01 am

Re: seeking older catalogs in pdf
I put it in my dropbox. It will take a little while till it's uploaded.
I'll send you the link in a pm.

It is now 7:10 am. All times are GMT -5.

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