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Eva51 Jan 10th, 09 8:25 pm

Billy Morebo glass door question
The website description says it includes "a white/black panel to be attached behind the glass." How is this attached, and what is this for? Does it make the glass opaque? That would actually be good, since I'm using low bookcases with glass shelves in my bathroom for storage.


Gloria Jan 10th, 09 11:03 pm

Re: Billy Morebo glass door question
Hi Eva51, welcome!

I do not know how it is attached, but you can put paper or fabric behind the glass and the panel holds it in place, so you can design your own look if you tire of the black/white and change it as often as you like. It's very versatile.


Eva51 Jan 11th, 09 12:54 am

Re: Billy Morebo glass door question
Thanks for the information!

Do you also know whether you can place the door handle near the top of the door rather than in the middle? From the instructions I downloaded it looks like the handle just snaps on, but I couldn't tell for sure.

Gloria Jan 11th, 09 2:21 pm

Re: Billy Morebo glass door question
I don't know about the handle placement. Anyone else?

ted Jan 11th, 09 2:47 pm

Re: Billy Morebo glass door question
Yes, the handle snaps on . . . anywhere.


Eva51 Jan 11th, 09 2:53 pm

Re: Billy Morebo glass door question
Great! That's the answer I wanted to hear.

Eva R.

DesignDiva Jan 11th, 09 9:01 pm

Re: Billy Morebo glass door question
Nice to meet another Eva!

The black and white panel is a piece of coated cardboard, black on one side and white on the other. It is held in place with clips, much like a poster in a poster frame. You can add fabric, placemats, ribbon, whatever you like between the glass and the cardboard. I used plastic placemats in my daughters room.

amac78 Feb 6th, 10 3:23 pm

Re: Billy Morebo glass door question
re: panels

I just bought these doors, and they came with plastic clips that hold the panels in place. They were gray.

Also, as to the handles, it does seem you can attach them anywhere, but I'm having the hardest time getting them to snap on. I have four doors, but have only been able to get two handles on. Any tips, help??

Chuck Feb 6th, 10 7:54 pm

Re: Billy Morebo glass door question
Unfortunately, nothing but elbow grease will work.

You need to be firm, and avoid tools because you could crack the glass. Start by hooking the back edge of the handle first, then around to the front, and snap it into place. I know it's easier said then done, but if you're firm and stick to it, you should be successful.

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