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The IKEAFANS New Member Guide

Everyone here was new once upon a time.  It's true!  

Find out all you need to know about how to get around the site, how to start threads or reply to posts in the forums, and how to start your own blog or upload images to the galleries.  Get basic information on IKEA, find out how to download instructions and more.  This page isn't just for newbies!  There's something for everyone. 

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The IKEAFANS Professionals Guide

IKEAFANS isn't just for DIYers and homeowners. 

IKEAFANS is a thriving community full of people looking for competent professionals just like you.  Share your professional expertise and knowledge of the business side of things with each other and with our members.  You might even find that you can get answers to questions, increase your own knowledge and maybe even learn a thing or two in our community forums.

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The IKEAFANS Kitchen Planning Guide

Everything you need to know to plan an IKEA kitchen. 

From articles to get you started to tools and links designed to ease the way and special offers just for IKEAFANS, we've thought of everything to make designing your own IKEA kitchen a snap.  IKEAFANS is a trusted authority on the design of IKEA kitchens.  We have the experience to make your experience the best it can be! 

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IKEAFANS can help you do it yourself.  

Wondering, "Can I really DIY this whole project?" We think so! Basic skills, simple tools plus a plan (we'll help with that!), and Yes. You. Can.  IKEAFANS are nothing if not willing to share knowledge, tips, tricks, ideas, lessons learned and advice with others who are new to the IKEA experience. And even if DIY's not your cup of tea, we'll help you find the resources you need to do it right.

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The IKEAFANS Research Guide

All the IKEA information you could want in one place.

Our information is accessible, current and you don't have to wait in line to get it. You'll find instructions, buying guides, help with assembly and installation, spare parts, missing pieces and tips and tricks on handling your IKEA experience.  Our IKEA Store directory has not only contact and location information, but we have when to go, where to park and who to see.

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