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Can I DIY?

Absolutely! Save thousands on your budget - create a beautiful, functional room that suits yourneeds. Yes. You. Can.


Need Instructions?

Download IKEA instructions 24/7 and get hints, tips and advice through IKEAFANS Flatpack FAQs. Got it? We do.


Think Outside the Box

IKEA hackers are a highly intelligent emerging sub-species. Modify IKEA furniture to your own specs. Make it yours.


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 Tip:  Look for the orange icon throughout the site for DIY information.

Everything you need to Do It Yourself


From a Billy bookcase to an entire kitchen, IKEAFANS can help you do it yourself. 

Wondering, "Can I really DIY this whole project?" We think so! Basic skills, simple tools plus a plan (we'll help with that!), and Yes. You. Can.  IKEAFANS are nothing if not willing to share knowledge, tips, tricks, ideas, lessons learned and advice with others who are new to the IKEA experience. 

Quick note though - we're not just for DIYers. We're a diverse bunch of people with varying degrees of  skill, desire and time.  We're equally good at providing assistance and guidance in choosing and working with contractors if that's your path. We're easy.

Get it right the first time

Don't re-invent the wheel.  IKEAFANS members have experience with everything from managing the IKEA store experience to getting the boxes home and beyond. Benefit from the collective wisdom of the largest IKEA community in the world.

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Share through Photos

There's nothing like being able to give back when you've received so much.  And there's nothing IKEAFANS likes better than photos of IKEA projects!  Use our our gallery system to upload photos of your IKEA rooms.  We love to share! 

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Chat with DIYers.

Share pifalls and tips for a successful project!


See photos of DIY Projects.

Before, after, even in-between.


Read DIYer's Blogs.

The Ins.  The Outs. The Inside Outs..