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Essential resources for IKEA Kitchen Planning

Design your Kitchen at IKEAFANS! Everything you need to know to plan an IKEA kitchen you'll find right here.

From articles to get you started to tools and links designed to ease the way and special offers just for IKEAFANS, we've thought of everything to make designing your own IKEA kitchen a snap. 

IKEAFANS is a trusted authority on the design of IKEA kitchens.  We have the experience to make your experience the best it can be!  Make this page your new homepage!

IKEA Kitchen Basics

Got  questions? You're not alone. Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Kitchen Planning the IKEA way here.

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How To Plan at IKEAFANS

Find out how to post photos and plans to the galleries, how to get a review of your kitchen plans, and more about planning your kitchen with the help of IKEAFANS!

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Mission Statement

Find out all about writing a mission statement and why it's important not only to your project, but to your sanity.  Get practical tips on crafting it as well as real life examples from other IKEAFANS members. 

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Real IKEA Kitchens

 Get inspired by real-life stories.  See the before, see the after. Read all about the in-between.

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Chat about Kitchen Planning.

Design. Plan. Review.


See photos of real IKEA kitchens.

Before, after, even in-between.


Read about real IKEA kitchens.

Kitchen remodels in first person.