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Were real DulcineaK


e all were new once - it's true!

IKEAFANS is not only the largest IKEA community, we also have cornered the market on IKEA information. We know that being new in a place this HUGE can be a bit scary.  But it's ok - really!

We pride ourselves on being the friendliest place on the web, and we love to welcome new members.  Take the time to introduce yourself on the forums, and get to know us too!  Then, use the resources on this page to get started. 

Hej!  (That's Swedish for Hi!)

IKEA Basics

Got  questions? You're not alone. Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about IKEA stores, IKEA products, IKEA store policies and culture here.  You'll also find basic information about how the IKEA shopping experience works - it's different than anything you've ever experienced before!

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How-to at IKEAFANS

Utilize our IKEAFANS Guides on How to get the most out of....the Forums, Galleries, Blogs, Articles and more! Learn how to post, upload and blog on the site and get answers to FAQs in this section.

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Introduce Yourself!

We don't say we're the friendliest place on the internet for nothing!  We really do want to know who you are, how you found your way here, and what you're working on at home.  And some pictures never hurt.  Come say Hej! in the Introductions forum! 

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We are Real People

Really!  IKEAFANS is not affiliated with IKEA - we are real people, just like you.Meet the IKEAFANS community and the Moderators and Mentors that make our site the friendliest place on the web.

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