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12 Ways to Store Bathroom Essentials

Posted on November 9, 2009 at 12:07 am
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Makeup, toiletries, hair care items, jewelry – bathrooms are full of little things to keep tidy. How do you manage it? IKEA offers a multitude of choices for bathroom storage and organization, from built-in units with pull-outs to decorative tins. There’s something for every style and budget. In part three of our IKEA Bathroom Series, we look at 12 ways to store bathroom essentials at IKEA …

1. ANORDNA Pull-out Trays

ANORDNA LYX and ANORDNA MEST – These organizers were originally part of the now discontinued VATTERN line, but now fit nicely into the new LILLANGEN line of cabinets. They come with mounting brackets that allow them to slide into the 16″ cabinets like drawers and pull out for ease of use.


2. GODMORGON Storage Trays

Polycarbonate clear plastic trays designed to fit snugly into the drawers of the GODMORGON series bathroom cabinets. Store jewelry, facial cleansers, hair care items and more in an easy to see format.


3. DRAGAN Boxes and Jars

These boxes are very organic in nature and would fit in nicely in a spa like environment. Suitable for use in damp spaces, these boxes are great for storing lipsticks, earrings, rings and other small items as well as cotton balls, cotton swabs, hair clips and more.

ikea-dragan-bathroom-accessories4. LIDAN Baskets

Not just uitable for use in damp places, LIDAN baskets are even handwashable! The LIDAN baskets, bags – call them what you will, are excellent corrals for toiletries, makeup and bathroom basics.


5. FIRA Wooden Boxes

These wooden boxes are actually desk accessories, but who says they can’t be used for keeping hair clips, barrettes, headbands and other hair care items together? Paint to suit your decor, but don’t get it wet unless you’ve sealed it well – the drawers will swell up and stick shut.


6. SAMLA Inserts

These boxes are intended to fit into the 12 and 17 gallon SAMLA storage boxes, but why can’t they be used for storing cleaning supplies, or shampoos, conditioners or other bottled toiletries on a bathroom shelf? Made of clear plastic, they’re easy to clean and portable with a built-in handle.

samla-insert-box17. AGEN Baskets

With three sizes to choose from, you almost certainly can find something within the AGEN line if your style is rustic or cottagey. 7 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ x 5 7/8″ high is the smallest, graduating up to 11 3/4″ x 11 3/4″ x 9 1/2″.


8. MIEN Wooden Storage Boxes

Kind of pricey for a tiny little box, but might fit an Asian aesthetic nicely. Birch veneer with a nitrocelluslose lacquer. Choose from two styles:

ikea-mien-wooden-storage-boxes9. GÅSGRUND Stainless Steel Containers

These containers are intended for a variety of bathroom duties – soapdish, toothbrush holder, etc., but could be used to contain any number of makeup items or other toiletries.

gasgrund-stainless-boxes-containers-jars10. FRYKEN Storage Boxes with Lids

A set of three round handmade baskets with lids for only $9.99? Yup.

fryken-storage-boxes-set-of-three-with-lids11. GRUNDTAL Stainless Steel Boxes

GRUNDTAL is a classic line, with many accessories for the the bathroom. Shown below are only three – a tissue box cozy, a place for cotton balls, and cotton swab dispenser.

grundtal-stainless-steel-bathroom-storage12. FLATEN Storage Tins with Lids

A set of seven decorative boxes with attached lids for storing Q-tips, cotton balls, hair clips and more in the bathroom. Be careful of dampness, though – these will rust over time.


We’d love to hear how you’re keeping everything tidy in your IKEA bathroom! How are you keeping the clutter under control? What secrets have you found in other departments?


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