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1840 Farmhouse Kitchen

Posted on December 5, 2012 at 2:00 am
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Yes, it’s IKEA! With a lot of clever planning, a few modifications and a gorgeous slate to work with, IKEAFANS member Brickman House has put together a fantabulous IKEA kitchen. A combination of LIDINGO white and TIDAHOLM black brown coupled with NUMERAR countertops (died with India Ink on the perimeter) creates a showcase kitchen in this 19th century farmhouse. Click through to see more pictures, and to find out where to learn more about this kitchen.

Editor’s Note: This is an oldie but goodie, originally published in September 11, 2010. Enjoy!

Traditional, Elegant Farmhouse Kitchen

Says Brickman House,

This is our recent kitchen renovation, in our 1840 farmhouse. We’ve encountered a lot of disbelief that we’d chose IKEA in that setting, but we think good design is timeless, and the doorstyles lend themselves to a variety of settings. Plus the price cannot be beat– we brought the entire renovation in for under $20K.”

Read more and see other awesome kitchens in the Kitchen Planning and Project Blog forums! Brickman House’s 1840’s Farmhouse Kitchen


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9 Responses to “1840 Farmhouse Kitchen”

  1. Kelly says:

    This is so lovely and truly timeless, congrats on an extremely elegant and fitting renovation!

  2. donaldsg says:

    A gorgeous kitchen! And I will definitely by copying your ink-dyed countertops in our remodel. We were hoping to have some soapstone and some butcher block, but have decided we can’t afford the stone just now and will do all butcher block. But if we stain the area we wanted to be soapstone it will give us the look we want. Thanks!

  3. Harpy says:

    This has to be one of my favorite Ikea kitchens ever! So creative.

    And thanks for blogging this, Susan.

  4. Windyday says:


    This is my first entry into IKEAworld on the web and have found that one can make an IKEA live in an 1840 home (as we have). I would like to ask if you had an IKEA contractor, where in the country you live, and if you did any of the work yourself? Congratulations on a beautiful kitchen!

  5. says:

    i think this is one of the most beautiful kitchens i have ever seen. seriously. i would KILL for a space like that to work in, it’s beautiful!!!!

    i’m curious about the part where it says you dyed the perimeters with india ink? how exactly did you do that, and why? i am moving into a rowhome in philadelphia that was built in 1915. it has a fairly small 10×10 kitchen that we will be redoing and we will be going with Ikea cabinets and probably some appliances…at least the pro-style range.

  6. gerry says:

    i have lots of ikea products mostly well happy! apart from farmhouse double sink underneath is a shambles always blocked plumber was there 4 hours for an hour job help im losing the wil with it any ideas

  7. doinlaundry says:

    We just made a purchase on an old 1930’s cottage and are doing a quick full kitchen remodel which I just started planning one week ago and I have 2 weeks to finalize it!! (Let’s just call it a fun adventure.) So coming across your pictures is invaluable!! You have given me so much inspiration and some key ideas. My keywords in the style I am shooting for are: fresh, farmhouse, fun. Your kitchen is all of these…so beautiful, yet comfortable. I have one question to begin with. How tall are your ceilings? Would this ceiling style work with 8 ft. ceilings? Thanks so much!!

  8. Eco Handyman says:

    Who knew you could make an elegant 1840 farmhouse kitchen using Ikea! Very amazing and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your success!

  9. Daniel says:

    This may be an oldie, but it really is gorgeous! I like! ;)

    It has nothing to do with the kitchen, but what kind of parquet is that? Does anyone know?


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