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2010 IKEA Kitchens Catalog – Prices

Posted on August 17, 2009 at 8:17 pm
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It’s been a couple of days since we got the new for 2010 IKEA Kitchens catalog, and we’ve been scouring the pages and looking for new stuff, and trying to determine what’s NOT in there (not as easy as you’d think!) this year.  Traditionally, getting dropped from the kitchens brochure could mean the demise of an IKEA product in the range, particularly when you’re talking doorstyles!  But this post is about prices, and luckily they’re dropping too.  Download the price pages after the jump.

The first interesting thing we noticed is that the price guarantee statement on the front cover states, “Brochure prices are MAXIMUM prices valid until June 30th, 2010.”  That’s new!  We can hope it may indicate that IKEA will reduce prices further during this catalog year – since New Lower Prices is a trend in the 2010 catalog year, we’re very hopeful.

Lower Prices through Smarter Thinking

Overall, prices seem to have remained the same, if not fallen slightly from last year’s catalog prices. Door prices for the APPLAD black and APPLAD white doorstyles have dropped, on average, 6-7%, however on the 24″ 2 door, 1 drawer cabinet the price is a whopping $30 lower than last year!  The cost of a standard 10′x10′  AKURUM kitchen outfitted with APPLAD doors and drawer fronts is down to $999 from $1149 in the 2009 IKEA Kitchen catalog.

In fact, ADEL Birch and APPLAD white are priced LOWER THAN IN the 2006 catalog!

How do they do it? 10 Keys to IKEA’s Low Prices.

You too can afford an IKEA Dream Kitchen

IKEA is simply the most affordable option out there for remodeling a kitchen.  Blum hardware (drawer glides, and hinges) and European style frameless cabinets make the cabinets a dream to use – really! You’ll want to cook more in it.  Trust me.  Heard rumors about IKEA Kitchens?  Not sure about the quality? Then you NEED to read Debunking the Myths: IKEA Kitchen Quality.

If you’re still not sure if you can afford to redo your kitchen, read up on how you might actually MAKE money in a soft housing market by DIYing an IKEA Kitchen.

Download the AKURUM Price Guide from the IKEA US 2010 Kitchens Catalog. (409K)


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