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2010 IKEA UK Catalogue Online

Posted on September 2, 2009 at 11:05 am
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The IKEA UK Catalogue is now online! Not only that, but there are supplemental catalogues for IKEA UK – Sofas, Wardrobes, TV Solutions (featuring BESTA), Curtains and Panels and Kitchens. Fun, fun! This year, IKEA NA (North America) chose to do only the IKEA Kitchens catalog in supplement to the 2010 main IKEA catalog, so here in the US, we’re missing out on the extra goodies shown in the brochures. Links to all the catalogs after the jump!


2010 IKEA UK Kitchens Catalog

The IKEA UK Kitchens catalog covers FAKTUM kitchen cabinets, RATIONELL accessories and interior bits and the various doorstyles that complete the cabinets in addition to handles. It also features Worktops, sinks, taps, wall panels and shelves (FASTBO!), wall organizers, and trolleys. VARDE, UDDEN and BRAVAD are featured. There are also pricing lists for FAKTUM, UTBY, and PERFEKT. Also included are comparison charts for all the appliances offered in the IKEA UK range: Ovens, Microwave / Combi Ovens, Hobs, Hoods, Refrigerators, Freezers and Dishwashers. IKEA UK offers 10 year and 25 year Guarantees on many products in the kitchen range.

See all 45 IKEA Kitchens Online.


2010 IKEA UK Wardrobes Catalog

The Wardrobes catalog covers PAX and KOMPLEMENT as expected, but also features the fabulously functional STOLMEN and ELGA clothing storage solutions. There are also pricing lists for PAX with sliding doors and with hinged doors, KOMPLEMENT accessories, STOLMEN parts and pieces, and ELGA. IKEA UK offers a 10 year Guarantee on PAX / KOMPLEMENT.

Use the IKEA UK PAX Planner.


2010 IKEA UK Sofas Catalog

The Sofas catalog covers sofas, couches, and sofa-beds in addition to upholstered living room furniture. EKTORP, KARLSTAD, STOCKHOLM, KRAMFORS, TYLOSAND, KLIPPAN, ALVROS, MANSTAD, POANG and BEDDINGE are all featured. IKEA UK offers a 10 year Guarantee on EKTORP, KRAMFORS, KARLSTAD, VRETA, ARILD and ALVROS as well as POANG. IKEA UK offers a 25 year Guarantee on IKEA STOCKHOLM and VAXHOLM.

See IKEA UK Living Rooms online.

ikea-uk-tv-solutions-besta-catalog2010 IKEA UK TV Solutions Catalog

The TV Solutions catalog primarily features BESTA, FRAMSTA and INREDA for TV and Living Room storage solutions. BESTA JAGRA and BESTA BURS are minor players.

Get Living Room Storage Ideas .


ikea-uk-curtain-panel-catalog2010 IKEA UK Curtains and Panels Catalog

The IKEA UK curtains and panels catalog features textiles and linens to cover your windows. The KVARTAL system allows you to hang up to 3 panels on wall or ceiling mounted rails. Make your own panels or purchase panels from the KVARTAL line. Check out new panels featuring large images, like the FLYN BEATA.

View Window Textiles Online.

Note that there are two errors in the main IKEA UK catalogue:

  • On page 22, the KLOBO 2-seat sofa is described as having a removable cover. This is incorrect – it is a fixed cover.
  • On page 88, the VAGHULT candlesticks says 9p/ea, but it should read 79p/ea.


Also note that in the Sofas Catalog, on page 56, there is a link to IKEA.CO.UK/LIVINGROOM which is broken.

Read our coverage of the 2010 IKEA Catalog for the US and the 2010 IKEA US Kitchens Catalog.


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3 Responses to “2010 IKEA UK Catalogue Online”

  1. tracy.smith says:

    i cant,understand over the last 4,5 years you have been dropping catalogue of round this area of hulme,manchester,but never drop of any at my block.

  2. Chris Staite says:

    This site is very useful as I have just moved to and am setting up home in Sweden and am using your excellent store. An English catalog is not available here and my knowledge of Swedish is limited at the moment.

  3. Mrs d.kirk says:

    Never get an ikea catalogue through my door. How can I get one. Not able to get to store

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