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Italian BESTA Wall-hanging Hack: IKEA Chuck Approved

Posted on February 2, 2012 at 6:16 am
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Official IKEA Chuck Seal of Approval Chuck Seal of Approval

It’s not often that Chuck Shapiro, a 25 year veteran owner and founder of A-P-A-R-T/Together and one of the very first IKEA Assembly and Installation providers in North America, gives his stamp of approval on an IKEA hack or modification. Chuck holds high standards for safety and of course, functionality and is the go-to guy for answers to all manner of questions about the interior construction, engineering or stability of almost any IKEA peice, new or old.

So when we saw Chuck giving high praise to IKEA Fans member ExTrEmE79, we were intrigued with the project and wanted to know more…

BESTA Wall-hanging Hack


Says ExTrEmE79,

Problem: In Italy, Besta rails are not available.. so Ikea suggest to hang to the wall with the provided plastic pieces. I absolutely don’t like this solution.. I think it’s not safe like rails.. but what alternative to hang my Besta to the wall?

His Solution? “Fix my ikea besta suspended solution to the wall in SAFE way.”

Awesome results. And solid engineering, according to IKEA Chuck. Way to go, ExTrEmE79!

IKEA BESTA Wall-Hanging Hack

Congratulations IKEA Chuck and IKEA Kayla

And a quick shout out to both IKEA Chuck and his partner, our own Kayla (aka DulcineaK who was also our esteemed 1000th member and a highly regarded IKEA Kitchens Installer in her own right: Kayla’s Kitchen Cabinets).

Chuck and Kayla are two long time IKEAFans members, valued IKEAFANS staff members and now total partners in crime as they complete their move to living and working together (doing IKEA Kitchen Design and Installation!) in ┬áCalifornia. They met here on – how cool is that?! ┬áCongrats to you both and your combined families from all of us at IKEAFANS!


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