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A little Android automation turns SPOKA to SPOOKTACULAR!

Monday, January 23rd, 2012 by Tigratrus

Dan over on has completed an amazing bit of IKEA Hacking.  He built a custom bluetooth interface inside an IKEA SPOKA light and then wrote an android app that lets him control the colors of the SPOKA remotely from his android phone.

Just imagine having several of them around a room all color changing in sync either manually or controlled by an automated bit of software on the phone that syncs it to music etc?  Very cool indeed.  Dan posted the video above as well as providing a VERY in depth article complete with schematics, code etc that show exactly how he did it. Our hat is officially doffed to you Dan – amazing work!


IKEA Hack: Desk with Hanging File Drawers Using IKEA AKURUM Cabinets

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 by Tigratrus

How would you like a custom IKEA desk made using AKURUM cabinets?  How about a full walk-through on how to create it? So that you can have exactly the desk solution that you want, and have it perfectly integrated with your new IKEA Kitchen?!  Would that be worth your time?

How about if we throw in some fully illustrated diagrams?  Now is it worth your effort?

IKEA Desk Hack Features

But wait!  There’s MORE!  If you read now (well anytime really, by why ruin a perfectly good As-Seen on TV parody by injecting reality?), we’ll throw in the fact that it has… Pull out hanging file drawers!  You read right, fully integrated Blum Hanging folders!

NOW how much (of your time) is reading it worth?

Our sincere thanks go out to IKEAFAN’s own itsdavid for his painstaking article on exactly how to create the desk and willingness to answer questions about the process.  See more details after the jump… Read the rest of this entry »


Best of: IKEA Hacked Sideboards and Hutches

Thursday, December 29th, 2011 by Susan

IKEA Hack Sideboard by Ted from

How to build an IKEA hacked sideboard?” asks IKEA Fan, blue denim. Gorgeous pieces have been hacked and built by various people, so there’s lots of inspiration and advice out there.

Inspired by ted’s beautiful modern, sleek-lined, contemporary sideboard posted at that blue denim posted in her query as an example, we went out to find some of the nicest examples of sideboards and hutches hacked out of IKEA cabinets.

Let’s check out a few…

Editor’s Note: Update with more wall-hanging sideboards from “IKEA Fans ted” inside…3:00pm

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Small Space Spice Storage Solutions

Monday, December 5th, 2011 by Susan

Spice Racks - gcBerry's RIBBA Spice Shelves

Say that three times fast! We’ve seen a lot of spice solutions for small spaces over the years – more than even I realized! Most recently, reader GCBerry writes,

I needed a solution to better organize and use my spices.  I needed them where they were constantly visible and within easy reach, and arranged in such a way that I could sort them alphabetically.  The RIBBA picture ledge works PERFECTLY as a spice rack, matches my cabinets, and isn’t expensive.  No modifications are necessary, although I dare say they are more practical as a spice rack than as picture ledges, as was their original intent.

Fab solution! Click on through for some more ingenious solutions for spice storage…

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Semihandmade’s REDO: IKEA Redone

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011 by Susan

REDO from SemihandmadeLove IKEA’s highly affordable, component-based kitchen cabinet line, but not the limited selection of door styles available? Maybe you want a unique material, or something reclaimed, or a paintable door primed for your DIY skills. Perhaps your heart’s desire is book-matched teak doors, doors made of urea-free bamboo, or maybe you just don’t want your IKEA kitchen to look like any other IKEA kitchen. Ahem.

Wait til you see what we’ve found for you – one company to do it all…and then some. Read on to learn all about how to get exactly what you want with IKEA AKURUM kitchen cabinet boxes as your base,

even if what you want ISN’T a new kitchen…

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