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Unique IKEA Kitchen Design? It doesn’t Yurt!

Monday, May 7th, 2012 by Susan

IKEA Kitchen in a Yurt Dwelling

Or does it?  A question, yes, but really more of a challenge:  Can YOU help create a more well rounded design?

We usually blog about awesome projects that our members have completed and shared with the community, but this time we’d like to be a bit more “rounded” in our coverage.  This time we bring you an awesomely unique project that’s still in the design stages.  Join the community in helping juniper232 bring life to a dream kitchen in the round!

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True Love, IKEA Geek Style

Friday, February 24th, 2012 by Susan

Says IKEA Fan Marina on her blog and in her letter to us, “Although Ikea has tons of virtues, their website is certainly not one of them. … After going crazy figuring out what we could place in our tiny kitchen for storage, I felt the need of a time-saver application as the Ikeameter. I was seating in our Kivik sofa, and told Fer:

‘It’d be so awesome if I could just enter my measures and Ikea told me what products fit! I’m sick of searching!’ and he told me: ‘I could do that for you…’,”

Ah, true love…(deep sigh!!!). I wish I’d had this story up for Valentine’s Day, but I post it today as a post-Valentine’s Tribute to true love of the kind only another IKEA Fan could understand. Leave a comment if you’d love it if your guy did this for you, ladies! Read on to see how Fer solved Marina’s problem and how to get the app…

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Kickstarter Project REKORDIT Successful!

Saturday, February 4th, 2012 by Susan

REKORDIT Kickstarter Project Funded

Remember last month when we told you about fellow IKEA Fan Shane Keaney’s Kickstarter project to create and manufacture an EXPEDIT add-on which would allow enthusiasts to insert record albums into frames which become doors on the EXPEDIT unit? We asked you to step up and help fund the project, and you did!

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Italian BESTA Wall-hanging Hack: IKEA Chuck Approved

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 by Susan

Official IKEA Chuck Seal of Approval Chuck Seal of Approval

It’s not often that Chuck Shapiro, a 25 year veteran owner and founder of A-P-A-R-T/Together and one of the very first IKEA Assembly and Installation providers in North America, gives his stamp of approval on an IKEA hack or modification. Chuck holds high standards for safety and of course, functionality and is the go-to guy for answers to all manner of questions about the interior construction, engineering or stability of almost any IKEA peice, new or old.

So when we saw Chuck giving high praise to IKEA Fans member ExTrEmE79, we were intrigued with the project and wanted to know more… Read the rest of this entry »


IKEA AS-IS Living Room Makeover

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 by Susan

IKEA AS-IS Living Room

IKEA Fans Member karolina88 brings us an IKEA AS-IS Living Room makeover! More info inside…

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