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Operation Upcycle My Sofa: $100 Prizewinner!

Posted on May 1, 2012 at 3:49 pm
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Congrats to Robert, this week’s winner of the  in the Operation Upcycle My Sofa Contest sponsored by Comfort Works and hosted on Facebook. The contest winner this week garnered the most Facebook Likes (over 115 likes – not bad for a late entry!) and wins a $100 Comfort Works  gift card to use toward custom IKEA slipcovers to make that old IKEA yellow eyesore over with a fresh couch cover. Read on to learn how and when to see who will win the $500 Grand Prize…

Robert’s Yellow Problem Sofa

Robert's Yellow Sofa - Operation Upcycle My Sofa Contest Robert, from Barrien Springs, MI had this to say about the tattered three-seater:

“Yellow is not the colour for a couch when you have kids,”

We’re not 100% sure that yellow is the problem, Robert, but no worries! You’ll be picking a new fabric to cover up that mess with your $100 gift card, and you’re still in the running for the $500 Grand Prize to be announced later this month. Congrats on your win! Watch your email for info on how to collect.

Grand Prize Contest Winner

Per the contest rules, we at IKEAFANS have been selected as the judges for the Grand Prize! We’ll be poring over the stories and pictures over the next week and we’ll announce a contest winner very soon! Stay tuned!


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