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Famous Squirrel an IKEA fan too!

Posted on August 19, 2009 at 9:21 am
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The now famous (infamous) photo squirrel visits her/his local IKEA store … surely in search of those delicious Swedish meatballs!  Perhaps while there, some furnishings will catch her/his eye for his home … as we all know, squirrel living areas are probably a bit smaller than the typical smallest living spaces IKEA stages in their stores.

Say hi if you run across her/him!

Dave from ColoradoIKEAFans

Dave is the creator of (formerly He shares his IKEA enthusiasm (obsession?) and up to date news & views about IKEA. When not Guest Blogging at IKEAFANS, Dave blogs regularly at ColoradoIKEAFans and you can also find him on Twitter @ColoradoIKEA


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