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Finished RAMSJO Kitchen in Two Tones

Posted on February 1, 2011 at 11:21 am
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IKEA Ramsjo Black-Brown and White Two-Tone Kitchen

This show-stopping transitional two-tone RAMSJO kitchen was done by IKEA Fans member johnbh, who also shared this STAT White in an Old Farmhouse Kitchen done several years ago. Read on to see the rest of the kitchen and read more about it…

IKEA RAMSJO Black-Brown and White Two-Toned Finished Kitchen

This gorgeous RAMSJO kitchen features dual-toned RAMSJO doors in white on top and black-brown on the bottom, crown moulding at the ceiling and cover panels cleverly attached to give the impression of inset cabinetry. Light granite countertops with an ogee edge treatment and a mosaic tile backsplash in a basket-weave pattern make this finished RAMSJO kitchen a standout. Read all the details in johnbh’s forum thread: Finished RAMSJO Kitchen.

IKEA Ramsjo Black-Brown and White Two-Tone Kitchen

IKEA RAMSJO Black-Brown and White Two-Tone Finished Kitchen


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8 Responses to “Finished RAMSJO Kitchen in Two Tones”

  1. Alex says:

    Looks great! We just finished our 2-toned kitchen also, and love how it helps differentiate the overall look. However, I question the functionality of that upper corner cabinet. It looks like it could open maybe 30/40 degrees before hitting the microwave?

  2. Alex says:

    Oh! I see the corner cab issue was mentioned in the forum! As long as you have carousel functionality, then great! Again, Bravo!

  3. Sherry says:

    Your kitchen looks great. You did an amazing job on the crown above your cabinets. I just purchased the Ramsjo white yesterday. I would like to know what paint you used on the crown molding? It looks like it matches the tinited larcquer.

  4. says:

    wow! those black bottom cabs look great… ive been torn between the Tildaholm Black and the Ramsjo Black and everytime i see a new picture of a Ramsjo Black Kitchen**which isnt very often…everyone opts for white**i become more and more convinced that the Ramsjo Black is the way to go!!!
    your kitchen looks great and i am LOVING the double ovens… thats another thing on my new kitchen wish list but i dont think ill be able to work it into the budget, im thinking of going with a 30in NXR duel fuel range instead. i love the way they look and seem to have pretty good reviews so far with a pretty decent price.

    so, TWO QUESTIONS for you….
    1. What kind of tile is that for your blacksplash, i saw another kitchen on here with something similar and i really like the way it looks. visually, it perfect… not too flashy or crazy but it has great lines and a certain je ne cest quoi that keeps it from looking like average-run-of-the-mill-tile that everyone else is going to have. it looks great!!!!
    2. How are you liking your IKEA double oven so far…. its hard to find a lot of reviews for them and before i take a leap of faith like that, i would like to be able to read some more 1st hand reviews.


  5. Lavender Brown says:

    Cracks me up to see the mouse trap in this beautiful kitchen!

  6. Fungal says:

    I also saw the mouse trap and thought… “no, it could not be… must be a bit of paper or a wedge from construction”

  7. SAFEman says:

    I think two-toned is great. Mine is Nexus birch (wall) / brown-black (base). Lots of compliments.

  8. SEEGAYE says:

    Fabulous. Love the mousetrap. Must get one!

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