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FIRA: A Love Story

Posted on August 11, 2011 at 6:39 am
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moppe mini chest of drawers

Want FIRA? You can’t have it.

Break my little wooden heart. FIRA – Those cute little mini wood chests of drawers; great for organizing craft supplies, sewing materials and desk necessities – even makeup, jewelery and soaps were discontinued in 2010. The loss of this product line was unexpected and saddened many a crafty and/or organized soul, which, if you love FIRA like I do, might leave you wondering (sniffle, sniffle), whatever could replace FIRA?

Get the latest news on the discontinued FIRA line of mini chests that will have you MOPPE-ing around…

FIRA: A Short History

According to Barry B who is both an IKEA Fan and an IKEA UK co-worker,

As a general history of FIRA, at first they were assembled, and not cost effective to ship, and then we made them flatpack and soooo many people complained about building them, or getting it wrong or breaking them that we listened.

Which led to IKEA discontinuing FIRA in 2010.

FIRA Replacement: MOPPE

We cried. We moaned. We mourned. We posted tributes to the little chest of drawers that could.

IKEA apparently listened again (yay!) and brought the FIRA back reborn as MOPPE. And the rejoicing was heard all the way to Sweden. (Learn more about discontinued IKEA products, including when ‘discontinued’ isn’t really discontinued)


Currently, MOPPE is listed on the IKEA UK site but is not showing up in searches of the IKEA US or IKEA Canada sites. We can hope that it’s just a matter of time.

As of today, there’s only the one MOPPE available – the six-drawer model pictured right and above with three drawers on the top, two in the middle and one large drawer across the bottom for £16.99 (currently about $27.50 in USD). The overall size is 42cm wide x 18cm deep x 32cm tall (~16 1/2″ wide x ~7″ deep x ~12 1/2″ tall) and per IKEA UK, the description is,

Untreated wood; can be treated with oil or glazing paint for a personal touch and a more durable surface.
Shell/ Drawer/ Divider: Birch plywood; Drawer bottom/ Back part: Fibreboard

So, what do you think? You like?


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