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Gettin’ Crafty with IKEA Dishes

Posted on August 26, 2009 at 12:28 pm
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ikea-ceramic-mugs-furniture-painted-pattern-multicolor-blackframeMugs, that is. Coffee cups. Sometimes dishes, too…but mostly mugs. In my journeys around the internet and in sourcing pictures for some of our posts on crafty things people have done with IKEA stuff, or IKEA fabrics, I’ve come across a number of creative uses of IKEA dishes. Having recently picked up a whole stack of plates in the AS-IS room for only 10 cents each (I kid you not!), I’m thinking that I’ve got more than enough raw material to work with.  Just need to figgle out what kind of paint to use on already glazed ceramics.  Anyone?

Get inspired by the images below, and then tell us what you’ve done with your IKEA!

Painted IKEA Mugs by elloh on  @elloh on and tell her you saw it here! 

Stacking lantern mugs by fanfareandfoofaraw on @15paintedcups on and tell her you saw it here!


Are you inspired? What projects can you see using IKEA ceramics as the base?


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3 Responses to “Gettin’ Crafty with IKEA Dishes”

  1. JWright says:

    I used to paint glass and ceramic and used Pebeo brand paint. It is baked on in your home oven. A little tip, clean item with dish soap, and really go over it with rubbing alcohol on a cotton cloth and only touch the item with cotton gloves. Finger grease is your worst enemy! Just remember to let your item cool before admiring your finished work, wouldn’t want any burn fingers out there.

  2. LoriL says:

    Thanks for featuring my stuff! While I do a lot of painting on my wheel thrown stuff, those IKEA mugs were laser decals of brush drawings of mine. I scan drawings into the computer and print them out on special laser decal paper that transfers onto the mugs like a temporary tattoo. Then I fire them in my kiln and voila! I get all my mugs second hand, and these actually came from gallery that was closing and selling everything but the kitchen sink. I love IKEA and snapped up every single one of them:) They were a great find!

    If anyone is interested in the laser decal technique, here’s a great explanation:

    Thanks again!

  3. Susan says:

    Thanks for the tips and explanations! I’ll take a look next time I’m at the craft store. The plates I picked up are a nice mellow tan color that would lend itself well to a cherry-blossom pattern in white. Now I need to find a pattern! :D

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