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GODMORGON: IKEA Wakes Up to High Quality Bathroom Cabinets

Posted on November 5, 2009 at 10:20 pm
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For years, those of us aware of the high quality of IKEA’s kitchen cabinet lines (AKURUM in North America and FAKTUM everywhere else) bemoaned the fact that the VATTERN range of IKEA bathroom cabinets just didn’t measure up. The quality of the substrate as well as the finish, whether it be a veneer or a foil finish, was just sub-par. The sidewalls were thinner than they should have been, and the hinges and hardware were flimsy by comparison to the BLUM hardware used in the kitchen cabinetry. Well, not anymore…



IKEA has finally woken up! GODMORGON translates to Good Morning, and these cabinets are definitely a good thing in the morning or any time of day. GODMORGON cabinets feature the same type of component based system we love in kitchens, with the ability to mix and match bases, cabinets and sinktops based on your space requirements, storage needs and budget. These new drawers are made of solid wood slats for great ventilation and glide effortlessly on BLUM hardware full-extension drawer glides.

GODMORGON Bathroom Cabinet System

True to the IKEA style, GODMORGON is a component based system. This means that you can mix and match the components to suit your style, budget and requirements. Choose legs/bases, the drawer configuration and finally, the ‘doorstyle’  or finish of the cabinets. After, you can choose a sink to top it off, or provide your own countertop if you’ve the space for additional bathroom cabinetry.

GODMORGON Sink Base Components

Legs / Bases

Choose from three different styles of legs bases in multiple different heights, depending on the configuration of the cabinets you choose. The basic varieties include square GRUNDTAL leg bases in stainless steel (left),  or round GRUNDTAL leg bases also in stainless steel (right), or MOLGER square wooden leg bases (center).  Come to think of it, I can see lots of uses for legs like these…


Or, you could choose the MOLGER frame (Coordinates with other products from the IKEA MOLGER series) and expose everything:


Sink Cabinet Configurations

GODMORGON sink bases feature sturdy 3/4″ cabinet sides that enclose ventilated drawers with adjustable dividers for maximum flexibility in storage. The BLUM full extension drawer runners  allow for great visibility of the contents and the soft close feature prevents banging and clanging. Drawer bottoms are made of scratch-resistant melamine for durability.

Choose from sink cabinets with one, two or four drawers – all designed to accommodate the specially designed IKEA BRÅVIKEN or NORRVIKEN sink drain pipes which are as narrow and shallow as possible to allow for maximum storage in the drawers.


Cabinet Finishes / Doorstyles

GODMORGON cabinets come in a range of finishes including Birch, Black-Brown/White, High Gloss White, High Gloss Gray and Oak.  High Gloss White, High Gloss Gray and Oak doors and drawer fronts are designed with finger grips for a sleek appearance that makes handles unnecessary.  Birch and Black-Brown/White doors and drawer-fronts come with handles included.



The really innovative thing about this new bathroom cabinet line is the sinks. Well, actually, it’s the drain pipes that are all kinds of awesome and make you ask, ‘Why isn’t that the norm, rather than the exception?’  The included polypropylene plumbing is designed to fit tightly underneath the sink basin, and the p-trap and drain pipes are located up against the wall.

In addition to the slim design which allows for a full-sized drawer underneath the sink, the IKEA site states that the water trap designs are flexible allowing for easy connections to “drain, washing machine and dryer.”


Single or double bowl sinks in the BRÅVIKEN series are made of a combination of polyester and crushed marble. The countertop is a hefty 4″ thick with shallow sink bowls. The sinks are sold with the above mentioned polypropylene pipe assemblies, drain and the pop-up valve included. Faucets are sold separately, however the sinks do come with an ÄMTEN cleaning agent.  I assume this is a cleanser and not a little guy with dark shades and an earpiece.


Slim and sleek, the NORRVIKEN sinks are only about 5/8″ or 1.5 cm thick! Clean lines are maintained with the shallower than shallow sink basins. Single bowls only in this lineup, but you get a nice expanse of countertop to the right of the sink bowl. The sink/countertop combos come in sizes from 40″ to 55″, with the variant being the length of counterspace available.


godmorgon-mirrored-wall-cabinet-2-two-doorsWall Cabinets

Wall cabinets in the GODMORGON line are 38″ high, less than 6″ deep and come in either 16″ wide* with one door, or your choice of 24″, 28″ or 40″ wide* with two doors. Mirrored doors join the lineup of finishes available: Birch, Black-Brown/White, High Gloss Gray, High Gloss White, Oak and Mirror. Doors are self-closing the last few inches which is nice if you’re prone to bonking your head on an open medicine cabinet door.

High Cabinets

Think linen storage. Think towels, washcloths, bathmats, hand towels and bathsheets. Extra soap storage, hand soap refills, an additional bottle of shampoo or conditioner. Everything you need to store in a bathroom can fit in one of these tall cabinets designed to match your sink base and wall cabinets. At only 15″ deep, and 63″ high, you can find a place to snug one of these into just about any bathroom. Add a set of legs to keep it up off the floor and to vary the height to your liking. High cabinets come with adjustable shelves and the door can be mounted to swing either left or right depending on your configuration.


IKEA Bathroom Cabinet Quality

ikea-godmorgon-shelves-testlab-1-one-pound-1-one-week-testAs with all of IKEA’s products, these new bathroom cabinets are put through rigorous quality checks to ensure that they will live up to every day wear and tear. For example, shelves – which are expected to bear the brunt of their weight day in and day out – are tested by weighting them with one pound weights for a period of one week to see if there’s any deflection.

Drawers are another area where failure can be disastrous. IKEA tests GODMORGON drawers by opening and closing them 20,000 times. That’s equivalent to over 13 years worth of opening and closing those drawers four times a day! If that’s not enough assurance for you, IKEA is offering a 10 year warranty on the GODMORGON cabinets.

Still concerned about IKEA Bathroom Cabinets because of moisture, humidity and wetness? Read what other IKEA Fans members have to say on the subject: IKEA in Bathrooms? I have my doubts.

Next in the Series – Powder Room Perfect: LILLÅNGEN

ikea-lillangen-single-bowl-sink-base-cabinetNext in the series is an overview of LILLÅNGEN, IKEA’s fit for small spaces (even powder rooms!) cabinet line with a lineup of sinks that are all kinds of awesome with niches, soapdishes and places for hooks all built right in. Makes me want to trash my space-saving, but storage-poor pedestal sink and start over!

*Cabinet widths rounded off for simplicity’s sake. Please see for exact cabinet measurements.


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30 Responses to “GODMORGON: IKEA Wakes Up to High Quality Bathroom Cabinets”

  1. Hugh says:

    Anyone with a table saw can cut down the depth of a kitchen cabinet & retrofit it as a vanity. Unless you are three feet tall why wouldn’t you want a vanity at kitchen height. Producing vanities at a 30″ height is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

  2. Dave of the Coonties says:

    Americans are indeed going for taller vanities.

    Godmorgen runs counter to that trend, and for the trend toward large, splashy bathrooms, often with ornate cabinetry and flashy sinks. For people with small bathrooms, including condo dwellers, Godmorgen seems a great way to use space more efficiently.

  3. Kelly says:

    I’m redoing all my bathrooms in the next few months, and I’ll tell you, these sinks, faucets and vanities are precisely what I yearned for! IKEA nailed it with Godmorgen et al. As always, I am thrilled at the style, quality and price I find in their products. Apparently I will have even more IKEA in my house!

  4. Cynthia says:

    I am so glad to have found this site about the ikea products, and specifically the Godmorgon sink cabinets. We are renovating our main bathroom, and are going to be using the godmorgon sink cabinet… Photo’s to come once installed : )

  5. Kate Reed says:

    Thank you very much for the info provided! I was looking for this info for quite some time, but I was not able to find a dependable source.

  6. Hazel Leonard says:

    Very great entry to read on.. I am truly impressed with this post. Looking for future posts.

  7. Marie Britt says:

    I am new to the IKEA experience (some months ago) and am going back in two weeks to complete out the bedroom, and make more room in the bath. I had never heard of IKEA until a friend told me (thanks Hoff!)..and now I am hooked. We have a tiny house, two bedrooms and less than 900 sq ft in all, so the more room we can get, the merrier. Love this site and the great ideas! Thanks!

  8. chrs says:

    We have just installed the Godmorgon with a 100% ceramic top called Odensvisk that was not mentioned in your article (only in australia?). It was cheaper and I think better quality. It came with the slimline plumbing which the plumber didn’t want to use, but my husband insisted and did all the assembly and it is just great. We got 120cm with 4 draws under so that our single bathroom can be used by two teeth cleaners. It is very solid, an excellent height and 1/2 the price of the next cheapest double sink vanity we could find, even including the mixers. Get it while it is still available.

  9. Dan says:

    It’s completely impossible to fit the doors onto the godmorgon 70 x 14 x 96 mirror cabinet. I’ve been trying for days and exerted so much force that iv’e hurt my back & nearly ripped the damn thing clean off of the wall. The door hinges are quite poor in my opinion, the problem seems to be that the small hooks that take the bar are too small. If they fitted properly there wouldn’t be a problem.

    I’m open to the idea that I’m being an idiot and doing something wrong, if this is the case & someone knows better than I, I would be grateful if someone were to point out my mistake.


  10. Susan says:

    Dan – I’d suggest posting pictures and your questions in the Assembly and Installation forums. There are some real pros who hang out there who can probably tell you what’s gone wrong and help you fix it. I’m useless!


  11. Stephen says:

    Can any of these cabinets be wall mounted to create a “floating” vanity? My neighbor just had a custom version done, but if I can float these it will provide the same look. Thanks.

  12. euna says:

    Hi, thanks for nice info. want to use single faucet sink to Godmorgon/Braviken 47″ double bowl with double faucet. do i need extra plumbing to have single faucet to double faucet sink? looks like drain system is taken care of but could not find water lines for double faucets. thanks a lot!

  13. kye says:

    I’ve got some plumbing pipes exposed and it runs against the wall I intend to install the sink and drawer unit. It would not be possible to install it against the wall with the sink base/legs interfering with the exposed plumbing unless it is wall mounted above the plumbing pipes. Can it be wall mounted?

  14. Mic says:

    Hi everyone,
    We just purchased the Godmorgon Mirror Cabinet and our contractor attached the cabinet frame to the wall, which was fine. My husband and I put on the heavy mirrored cabinet doors tonight and the whole thing started to come off the wall (plaster). From a google search I found out that we might need suspension rails. If so, which ones? The instructions didn’t recommend any. Appreciate any advice we can get.
    Thanks! —Mic

  15. Susan says:

    Hey, Mic – please post this question in the Assembly and Installation forum – there are lots of experienced folks, including contractors there who can answer your technical questions. I sure can’t!

  16. Jeff says:

    Godmorgon vanities look nice… but they are just too small…. not enough depth. I agree with the previous poster… if you have a table saw, you can cut down a combination of base kitchen cabinets, use a steel rail (for upper cabinets) and create your own, full sized, better height, Godmorgon-like wall mounted vanity.

  17. macbride says:

    How do the shallow sink bowls work? I’d be afraid they would splash water everywhere. Can anyone comment on that?

  18. jelena says:

    Can you use other undermount sinks and countertops with the godmorgen cabinet line?

  19. David Springett says:

    Cannot fit the hinges to the wall mounted godmargen mirror cabinet.
    Busted my back, the wall and the mirror door.

  20. Julie says:

    My husband and I installed the Godmorgon double vanity in our master and LOVE it, except….when you run one sink, water backs up into the other sink! And, you can’t run water in either for very long b/c it backs up even if just one sink is running. Our friend who is a very experienced contractor, but not a plumber, has spent hours working on it and just can’t figure out why it’s not draining faster. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  21. Julie says:

    A couple of comments re: our experience with the double vanity (4 drawer) install: You MUST reinforce the wall. I know the directions say nothing about this, but do you really expect SIX SCREWS to hold a vanity and a porcelain sink top? My husband reinforced the wall with a horizontal 2×4 so every screw would go right into that, and also put a 1×4 UNDER the cabinet. We cut it the length of the cabinet (you could cut it slightly shorter if you are worried about it showing — where our cabinet is placed it doesn’t show), took the cabinet drawer to the hardware store and got paint custom matched (bought a sample size for $2.50). We painted it, and leveled and mounted it FIRST. Then we put the cabinet on top and mounted that. The 1/4 serves as a brace and also made leveling much easier. Re: the question about the shallowness of the sinks and water splashing, the faucets come with a water flow reducer. If you install the reducer (just a small green disc that goes inside the faucet), the flow is perfect. Without the reducer (we tried that first), it does splash a lot. For a more modern look, I had a piece of glass custom cut and back painted (in gray to match our cabinet), and installed that as a backsplash. Much cheaper than tile, easier to install, and looks AWESOME.

  22. liz says:

    I am getting ready to install a Godmorgon vanity with two draws. I am wondering what the clearnace is between the water spigots and drain pipe and the back of the draws. How far can the fixtures stick out?

  23. karly says:

    has anyone had problems with no drain trap and non-standard pipes? apparently these sinks contain non-standard piping so if you need to replace a part in the future you’re out of luck

  24. Patti says:

    Just purchased 2 Godmorgon vanities for use the laundry room. I assumed they could be stacked but am not sure how to proceed with attaching them to eachother…metal plates on the interior perhaps? (the sides will not be exposed so I guess I could do that on the exterior also).

    Also, we assembled them without a hitch but the 2 drawers are tilting in toward eachother–how or where would I adjust them to make them straight?
    thanks IKEA fans!

  25. kmagyar says:

    Patti, I just bought a 55″ godmorgon unit and love it. Even though my bath is not finished yet. I understand the sag issue. I think the middle frame section sags a big before its actually installed. Though there are adjustments on te drawer panels., I think shimming or adjusting the unit when mounted will resolve that issue. Putting two together seems very possible. I would use paltes and dowels if you have the tools to do so. Look at the lumber section of your box store near deck framing for galvanized plates. Good luck and post some photots before this site dies out :)

  26. Arash says:

    I’d really like to use the Godmorgon gloss-gray cabinet, but I hate the ugly plastic handlestrip they come with. I’d prefer the nice metal handles that come with the other finishes. Is there any way to get them? The kitchen section has a similar handle, but it doesn’t go over the top of the cabinet and attach in the back like the godmorgon ones do. Any tips?

  27. JTarchitect says:

    What is happening to the Godmorgon and NORRVIKEN sinks? They are sold out with “no delivery date” listed. it appears they are revamping the line? They completely did away with my favorite sink/countertop? Is this the reason behind the remodeling in the stores, ie Minneapolis? You can not even find a vanity in that store? When will they return? I am building a house and have 3 bathrooms that desperately want your cabinets Ikea!

  28. FutureCraig says:


    Does anyone know if the NORRVIKEN’s composite material can be cut to fit? – similar to the way a Corian® counter can be cut.

    (I would like to replace an Airstream travel trailer bathroom counter with a NORRVIKEN top and I just need to slice 1/2 inch from one end)


  29. Darlene says:

    Can godmorgan oak be stained a different color?

  30. Lesley says:

    Does anyone know if the new SOFIELUND kitchen drawer fronts will fit on
    GODMORGON bathroom vanities?

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