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IKEA Winnipeg Opening Date Announced

Posted on March 28, 2011 at 7:03 pm
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IKEA Winnipeg Opening Date

Updated March 28, 2011

Per Madeleine Löwenborg-Frick, Public Relations Manager for IKEA Canada, the IKEA Winnipeg groundbreaking will be sometime in the summer of this year, 2011 with an anticipated opening in 2012.

Says Löwenborg-Frick,

“Our plans are to start construction some time this summer and hope to have the store open fall/late 2012.”

Good news for all of those IKEA Fans in Manitoba, Canada! Read on for all the details on the location of the IKEA in Winnipeg, the groundbreaking ceremony, and plans for the site as well as some history of IKEA in Canada and IKEA in Winnipeg.

IKEA Winnipeg

Editor’s Note: Originally published November 20, 2009

ikea-winnipeg-tuxedo-yards-development-groundbreaking-ceremonyNovember 20, 2009 marked the sod turning at the site of the Tuxedo Yards Redevelopment area where the IKEA store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada will be located sometime likely in 2012 or 2013. Although the actual IKEA store groundbreaking is potentially years away, site developer Fairweather Properties’ president Michael Nozick broke ground today at the development site with Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz and Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger.

Tuxedo Yards Redevelopment Area

The planned future home of Manitoba’s first IKEA,the Tuxedo Yards Redevelopment area is a plot of land (formerly the CN Intermodal Yards) bordered by the CN Main Line to the north and Kenaston Blvd to the east and which is bisected by Sterling Lyon Parkway. The land, with an assessed value of $5 million dollars (Canadian) is owned by Fairweather Properties; the estimated value of the property after it is fully developed (estimated in 2018) is a whopping 139.5 million.

Thanks goes to ChrisD from for permission to embed this video of the groundbreaking ceremony. According to Chris, if you fast forward to 1:15, there’s a chat with the developer:

IKEA Sod Turning Ceremony – Nov. 20, 2009 – Winnipeg, Manitoba from on Vimeo.

ikea-winnipeg-tuxedo-yards-development-schedule-planMMM Group has submitted multiple plans for the ’super-regional commercial destination centre’ which is a fancy way of saying it’s a destination shopping center, i.e. one that will be home to major retail outlets which typically are one per market area, like IKEA. The shopping area has been dubbed Seasons of Tuxedo.

The plans on the table include 1.5 million square feet of commercial space, including the 350,000  ft² (32,500 m² ) IKEA anchor store (already approved), an unnamed and/or undecided 200,000 ft² big-box store as well as two additional stores larger than 140,000 ft² each and several smaller standalone stores.

Development will take place in 3 stages with the first stage including the construction, development and opening of the IKEA anchor store. Phase 2 will begin in the third year and continue through the 8th and will include development of the property North of Sterling Lyon Parkway. The final stage will begin in the fifth year and is west of the first development area that includes the IKEA store. It is expected to be finalized in 2018.

Other potential lessees include a grocery store, a sporting goods / outdoor store, and/or a home improvement store. A 16-screen movie theatre, a 100-room hotel, a 500-unit residential (condo) building plus a 150,000 ft² office park are also in the plans.

IKEA in Canada

IKEA Canada Stores (by size)

1. IKEA Winnipeg (32,516 m²)

2. IKEA Vaughan (31,375 m²)

3. IKEA Vancouver (31,000 m²)

4. IKEA Etobicoke (29,594 m²)

5. IKEA Calgary (29,052 m²)

6. IKEA Boucherville (29,000 m²)

7. IKEA Edmonton (28,700 m²)

8. IKEA North York (24,550 m²)

9. IKEA Ville St. Laurent (24,245 m²)

10. IKEA Burlington (19,385 m²)

11. IKEA Richmond (18,600 m²)

12. IKEA Ottawa (10,948 m²)

IKEA’s foray into the North America market began in 1976 with the opening of the first IKEA in Canada – the first store in Vancouver, also known as IKEA Richmond. There are currently eleven IKEA stores in Canada: two in Alberta, two in British Columbia, five in Ontario and two in Quebec. IKEA Winnipeg will be the first in Manitoba.

IKEA in Winnipeg

IKEA Winnipeg will be the first IKEA store in the Canadian province of Manitoba and will be the largest Canadian IKEA store at an estimated 32,516 m². The site is 27 acres and will expand Winnipeg’s Active Transportation routes (read bike routes) and extend the bus route to include a stop at IKEA. There is little information yet as to the contents of the IKEA store – it is unlikely to break ground before 2011 and will most likely open no earlier than 2013 according to sources. If you find out more about the inside plans for IKEA Winnipeg, let us know!

Must give a hat tip to the City of Winnipeg for their awesome municipal website. Tons of information on the redevelopment project, the plans and prospects for the site: Redevelopment Details (and links to other info).

IKEA Winnipeg Proposed Site Drawings

IKEA Winnipeg Proposed Front Perspective Renderings:

(Click to enlarge)



IKEA Winnipeg Proposed Site Drawing:

(Click to enlarge)


IKEA Winnipeg Proposed Landscaping Plan:

(Click to enlarge)


IKEA Winnipeg Bus Route Proposed Expansion:

(Click to enlarge)


IKEA Winnipeg Active Transportation and Winnipeg Transit Expansion Plan:

(Click to enlarge)


Current IKEA Stores in Canada

Eleven stores currently are open in Canada. IKEA Calgary and IKEA Edmonton are in the province of Alberta, Canada. There are two stores in British Columbia, in and around Vancouver: IKEA Coquitlam and IKEA Richmond (the first IKEA store in North America). Ontario has five IKEA stores, four of which are in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA): IKEA Burlington, IKEA Etobicoke, IKEA North York and IKEA Vaughan. IKEA Ottawa is also in Ontario on the border of the province of Quebec. Quebec has IKEA Boucherville and IKEA Ville St. Laurent in Montreal.

Find out all the information you need to know about the IKEA stores in Canada in the IKEA Store Directory. Find out how to get there, when to go, where to park and who to talk to! More than the IKEA store site has to give you – we have member reviews, offers and pictures to share as well. Want to adopt an IKEA store page? Just let me know!


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29 Responses to “IKEA Winnipeg Opening Date Announced”

  1. Chris D. says:

    Feel free to embed the video from our website of the ground breaking ceremony that took place at the future site of IKEA in Winnipeg on Friday.

  2. DW says:

    How about an update? Curios minds are curious!

  3. Susan says:

    The only new news that I could find is this: “AN updated site plan for the The Seasons of Tuxedo development along Sterling Lyon Parkway and Kenaston Boulevard came before city council’s Assiniboia community committee on Thursday.
    Site preparations on the 1.5-million-square-foot commercial development, which will be anchored by an Ikea furniture store, are already underway. As promised last fall at a sod-turning ceremony, the site plans include a high-end mall north of Sterling Lyon Parkway, with weather-protected walkways enclosed by a retractable roof.” via Winnipeg Free Press (

    Sorry I don’t have more information! It’s a desert out there…

  4. Howard says:

    This is an exciting project. Do you have current updates?

  5. Susan says:

    The update you’ve been waiting for has arrived! Groundbreaking for IKEA Winnipeg, Summer 2011. Grand Opening probably in late 2012.

  6. Lino Santos says:

    I’m glad that IKEA is already here in winnipeg. Do you have any job opening for kitchen designer or estimator where can i apply?

  7. Yvie says:

    Does anyone know which Winnipeg construction company is affiliated with the project?

  8. Fiona says:

    There is an error in the above article. It was mentioned that the Winnipeg store will be the largest in Canada, however it did not take into consideration the major expansion of the Ottawa Ikea which will more than triple the size of the store.

  9. orest says:

    When and where can a person apply for a position at Ikea in Winnipeg, Manitoba

  10. MarinaB says:

    When and where, it would be available to apply for a position at Ikea in Winnipeg, Manitoba

  11. Denise White says:

    How can I apply for a position at Ikea? I would love to work there!

  12. Scandinavia says:

    I have the same question, when and where can I apply for a position at Ikea in Winnipeg, Manitoba ?

  13. ScottF says:

    Could somebody please tell me if they’ve heard anything about the rumor that Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the restaurants that’ll be opening in the Winnipeg Ikea development? If it is, any idea when?

  14. Wayne P says:

    I am very interested in working for Ikea
    when and where can I apply for a position at Ikea in Winnipeg, Manitoba?

  15. lisa says:

    I am also interested in working at Ikea Where and When can I apply for a position in Winnipeg Manitoba.Thanks

  16. Cleofe says:

    VERY excited for this fall’s opening of Ikea in Winnipeg! I am also interested to apply and work for Ikea! Please do let us know when and where we could apply! Thanks!

  17. Reet Roman says:

    Congrads to Ikea!!
    I hope there will be a weekly or monthly delivery to the northern section of Manitoba aswell!! Can’t wait!!
    Loved my ikea in North York!!!Missing it in The Pas.
    it’s only a 6 hour drive!!!
    please deliver!!

  18. Jenny says:

    I am looking for a job.I worked in a small furniture store.I wish i have a chance to work for IKEA.

  19. Hollie says:

    Interested in job postings for Ikea, will there be a job fair or is it simply just watch for postings on Ikea site. Thanks
    PS: where do we find answers to these posts.

  20. Susan says:

    Sorry for the radio silence. IKEA typically will advertise in the market area about 6 months from an opening date. Watch your local papers for ads!


  21. Ann Braund says:

    I know talented people who want to work at Ikea, who live very near the new store in Winnipeg. How can they apply. Are there still positions for students available?

  22. Kerri says:

    Any idea how soon Ikea kitchen installations will begin in Winnipeg?

  23. Anderson says:

    How can i aplly to jobs positions?

  24. Reimer says:

    Can anybody tell me when Ikea is suppose to be opening
    In the peg.

  25. Could you please tell me how to apply for a job at IKEA in Winnipeg?

    Thank you.

  26. Ikea Winnipeg opens on Dec 5, 2012 as per Ikea’s website.

  27. Vince Stycke says:

    Manpower is currently seeking a General Manager, In Store associates, Assembly and Delivery Associates in addition to others. These positions are with VESTA HOME DELIVERY, a partner of IKEA in Winnipeg.

    Please visit for details or email

  28. Shaun says:

    Ikea Winnipeg will be opening on November 28, 2012!

  29. Howte M says:

    Would be intersted in working for this company

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