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Halloween at IKEA: Tricks and Treats for Kids!

Posted on October 23, 2009 at 12:23 am
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Happy Halloween, IKEA Fans!  All week long, we’ll be bringing you events going on at IKEAs across the US as well as filling you in on some ideas for decorating for the haunted holiday, candy treats from IKEA, costumes, and more!  Follow our Halloween series all week long!

Costumes, Masks and Hats

Fun hats can make for an impromptu costume. Want to be a Viking? A Jester? An Indian? Put on an airplane prop with propeller for whirly fun, or stick a bee in your bonnet with a flower hat!  Costumes don’t have to be just for Halloween – wear them year round for dress-up fun.


We gave one of the Birthday Cake hats to the kids’ best friend at her birthday party this year, and it was a hit! Flowerpot hats and Fruitbowl hats can make a sick kid smile, so don’t overlook that if you’re making up a Swine Flu Gift Basket!


Some of the most fun ways to dress up are just with a mask and hat. Who says costumes are just for fun?  Remember your kids in an unusual way by getting them dressed up and having a picture taken, like in the formal portrait at the beginning of this post.  IKEA is taking pics of kids in costume at select locations – see below for details.


ikea-klappar-djur-bat-hand-puppet4Costume Events at IKEA USA Locations

IKEA Round Rock

Saturday, October 31st from noon until 4pm

Visit IKEA Round Rock this Halloween with the kids in costume and get a keepsake photo of your little ghost or goblin for FREE! We will have lots of candy for everyone and fun for everyone.  Saturday, October 31st. in the IKEA Restaurant from noon until 4pm.

IKEA Portland

Easy & Affordable Halloween Costumes & Toys!

IKEA Portland is a great place to shop for Halloween! We have all kinds of fun hats and masks in our Children’s Department! Kids can let their imagination run wild and you won’t have to let your budget go wild. Plus, the children will enjoy them for dress-up all year round.


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