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Reader Request: Identify This!

Posted on August 31, 2011 at 4:53 pm
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IKEA Product Identification - Identify This! Often we get requests from members to identify a piece of IKEA furniture, find the price of a discontinued item, or publish pages from an old catalog. We’re lucky to have a couple of members who are GREAT at sussing out names of IKEA products, original prices (think insurance claims or sales on Craigslist) and sometimes the dates the products were sold, product sizes and dimensions or even materials information. It’s amazing the information on old IKEA items we can come up with!

Recently we got a request from a new member, dmtrobb who wrote,

I am hoping you can help me; I’m looking for a kitchen displayed in the IKEA catalog either 2000 or 2001. I don’t think it was 2002, but there is a very slim chance it was, but definitely no later. It was a sort of earthy looking kitchen, the walls/backsplash were covered in the tiny tile in a teal blue color, with dark brown (or at least medium brown) cabinetry and lots of green plants on the kitchen counter. It was very organic looking. I think the floor was checkerboard black and white, but of that I am not sure. If you could post the picture, or send it to me as a .jpg, I would very much appreciate it. I’ve been looking for this image for years! I saved the pages from my original catalog but have moved three times since then and have lost it all!

Sincerely and best wishes,

Here you go!

IKEA Catalog Identification

Click to enlarge

Identify This! Requests for information

It’s always a bit of a thrill to be able to satisfy someone’s need for long lost IKEA information, and even better when I can beat out ted, Chuck or hexkeyfan at identifying something obscure. For the record, I think ted’s got us all beat for obscure IKEA product identification, although Chuck’s got thousands of bizarre details of product assembly tips in his head from 20+ years of building IKEA furniture, and hexkeyfan has the advantage of insider information, so it may be a wash. I only have 11 years of catalogs to look through.

If you want to get an old IKEA product identified, here are some tips to help us with identification:

  • Year of purchase from IKEA, or range of years if you don’t know the exact year
  • Type’ of product, room and intended purpose – telling us it’s a dining chair vs. an office chair is useful information
  • Color and finish – describe any upholstery in terms of fabric type, color and weight if possible plus the type of wood, metal or other materials used
  • Size – providing the approximate size in terms of cm/m or inches/feet is useful, as is indicating if it’s a twin, full, etc. or a 2, 3 or 4 cushion sofa
  • Modifications – if you’re providing a photo, but you or someone else modified the product substantially, tell us!
  • Style of arms, legs or other features – round, square, long, short – give us details!
  • Any product numbers or name that might be on a label may be useful

Gather your information, then post in our forums for help with identifying YOUR IKEA treasure! Good luck!


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