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Randy? IKEA Beds for the ‘Active’ Couple

Posted on May 21, 2010 at 12:27 am
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I am about to purchase the MALM King Size bed … but I need everyone’s honest opinion on whether or not it’s a sturdy bed? Not to get too personal but my significant other and I are pretty active and we want to make sure this bed will be able to hold its own.

Ahem. Welp – good on ya for doing your research. We’re going to see what we can do to answer your question…

Traditional Boxspring vs. European Bed Slats

In the US, we’re used to getting a boxspring that’s generally about the same thickness as our mattress, and which when placed underneath said mattress, provides support to the mattress, our bodies, and our…erm, activities. Platform beds and other low-profile bedframes often utilized bed slats instead of a full-fledged boxspring. There are three major advantages to bed slats vs. boxspring:

  • Bed slats provide support for the mattress without the depth that a boxspring requires, contributing to a modern or contemporary look.
  • Bed slats allow for better air circulation keeping the bedding cool in the summertime and warm in the winter.
  • Because they’re not enclosed with fabric in any way, there’s no chance of dust mite build-up or other allergens to accumulate.

Differences between IKEA Bed Slats

IKEA makes and sells a number of different grades of basic bed slats. They also sell adjustable bed bases, like the SULTAN LANGHUS, the SULTAN LAUKVIK, the SULTAN LERBÄCK and the SULTAN LONEVÅG, although we’re going to stick to talking about the non-adjustable bed bases. So what are the differences between IKEA’s bed slats, how do they compare, and which should you choose?

There are currently three basic grades of bed slats available: SULTAN LADE, SULTAN LURÖY and SULTAN LAXEBY. Note that IKEA frequently ‘discontinues’ a line of bed slats only to replace it with a similar if not identical product with a different name. Don’t ask me why.


The LADE slats are strips of flat, solid pine wood, and are strung together with a webbed ribbon along the sides. This is the least expensive and least durable option, but provides firm support.

Ideal scenario: This set of slats would be suitable for a child, a single adult (maybe <150lbs) who doesn’t move around much in bed, or a lightweight couple who are um…sedate, if you know what I mean. If you toss and turn alot (awake or asleep) you will soon find this inadequate for your needs.

Ingredients: Solid pine, 100 % polyester

Size Matters: Thickness unknown, but estimated at 1″ and 21 pounds for twin size.

Price Range: Ranges from $20 to $50 (Kid’s bed base available for $9.99)


The LURÖY (formerly known as LIEN) slats are curved, laminated (like plywood) strips of birch which are strung together with a webbed ribbon on the sides like the LADE. The laminated slats are orders of magnitude stronger than solid birch slats, and the curved shape makes the bed bouncy.

Ideal scenario: These would be ideal for a teenager, kids who like to jump on the bed, or an active lightweight but moderately active, or heavy but moderately tranquilized adult couple.

Ingredients: 17 slats of layer-glued birch. Layer glued slats: Birch veneer, Foil; Ribbon: 100 % polyester, 100 % polypropylene. (I have no idea how that’s possible)

Size Matters: 2 1/8″ thick, and 13 pounds for the twin size.

Price: Ranges from $30 – $80


The LAXEBY (aka LIARED) slats are similar to the LURÖY slats in that they are also curved and laminate, but they use an extruded rubber like band made up of a series of attached cups that slide over the ends of the slats to keep them together. The slats are also adjustable in the sense that you can control the tension in various areas of the base: 7 slats in the shoulder section are adjustable to give your body just the right support. 8 slats in the center section are adjustable to give your body just the right support. This bed base provides firm, but flexible support and the curved slats lend springyness. The extruded rubber serves not only to keep the slats together, but to keep the slats tight to the bed base.

Ideal scenario: These slats are for the highly athletic couple, or a heavier weight set of individuals. You can likely do just about anything you want on this bed without fear of falling through. Furthermore, your back will probably thank you in the morning.

Ingredients: 39 slats of layer-glued birch, divided into 5 comfort zones. Bed base slats: Birch veneer, Foil; Ribbon: 100 % polypropylene; Slat holders: Synthetic rubber; Bed base: Birch plywood

Size Matters: 2 1/8″ thick and 32 pounds for the twin size.

Price: Ranges from $70 to $200.

What to Do if Your IKEA Bed Slats Fail

Have a bed frame failure? Have the slats fallen through your bed? Find out the usual causes of this problem, some suggestions from the field for fixing it and see some clever solutions from members in How to Fix an IKEA Bed Frame Fail.


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