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Holy Exploding Alarm Clocks, Hackman!

Posted on May 31, 2011 at 12:55 pm
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IKEA Alarm Clocks Explode Lille, Eindhoven, Ghent

In perhaps the most bizarre IKEA hack we’ve ever heard of, explosions in three stores in France, Belgium and the Netherlands took place on Monday. Called a ‘coordinated attack’ two of the explosions took place 75km apart and were caused by triggering devices which were attached to (non-IKEA) alarm clocks which were placed in milk cartons packed with a small amount of  gunpowder. A third explosion took place in a garbage bin outside an IKEA store in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It is believed the explosions were triggered by remote.

Apparently, it’s not the first time IKEA has been attacked. As recently as 2009, there were threats to blow up an IKEA in Amsterdam; these threats were, however, found to be a hoax perpetrated by seven individuals who were arrested then later released. Also, in 2002, bombs were planted at two Dutch stores.  Two Polish men were jailed for the bombs and for attempting to extort $360,000 from IKEA.

Alarm Clock Explosions at IKEA Ghent, Belgium

At IKEA Ghent (in Saint-Denis Westrem, Belgium) two small explosions occurred beneath palettes on Monday and the store was evacuated for investigation. Although there was little to no physical damage, there are reports of two injuries to workers. One female security guard has reported ringing ears and a co-worker has reported pain in his left foot.

Belgian police will search all six IKEA stores in Belgium. Because of the small amount of explosive used, investigators are perplexed as to the intent. No claims have been made by the perpetrators. Was it you?

IKEA Meatball bombs

Alarm Clock Explosions at IKEA Lille, France

An explosion in the IKEA store near Lille, France was found to be of similar construction and makeup to the bombs placed at the IKEA store in Ghent, Belgium. Ylva Magnusson, an IKEA spokesperson in Helsingborg, Sweden has stated that the explosives were made of ’small firework devices.’ IKEA has received no threats nor has anyone claimed responsibility for the attacks. Was it you?

Rubbish Bin Explosion at IKEA Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Around 6pm, a garbage bin outside IKEA in Eindhoven exploded, causing no injuries but destroying the bin. Upon investigating, authorities found what they considered a ’suspicious package,’ which was destroyed, but found not to be explosive. There have been no claims as to the responsible parties. Was it you?

Seriously. What’s next? Exploding meatballs? Let’s help stop the madness. Was it you?


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