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IKEA Discontinued my ‘X’ … Or Did They?

Posted on June 11, 2010 at 1:32 pm
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ikea-trofast-not-discontinuedOne of the biggest complaints we hear about IKEA products is that they often discontinue things. We recently felt some backlash when IKEA discontinued the children’s line of storage products, TROFAST  (Edit: IKEA has NOT discontinued the line – only some parts of the line). We saw some desperate cries for help in our Swaps and Exchanges forum and I even got some angry emails from people (who I assume didn’t realize that I’m NOT IKEA):

I will no longer purchase IKEA products which simply leave the customer in the dark about the future of their products.

The simple fact is, IKEA discontinues products frequently. Every manufacturer and retailer does! It’s the nature of the retail beast and it’s one of the ways that IKEA keeps their product range fresh and exciting. If IKEA never discontinued items, we’d never see anything new, either.

Sadly, often the products that are discontinued are very popular products. Take the JERKER desk, for example – entire communities are based on owning a JERKER. Or the FIRA small chest of drawers – people mourned the loss of the FIRA like you would not believe. And each year, a number of cabinet door lines (TIDAHOLM is reportedly slated to be discontinued) are discontinued from the kitchen range. It happens.

Changeovers, Sales Stops and Discontinuations

It’s important to understand that there’s a difference between products that are Out of Stock, those that have been Discontinued, products that have a ‘Sales Stop’ and products that are in ‘Changeover.’

Out of Stock – As it sounds, these are simply products that are not currently in the warehouse for sale. IKEA does not ship anything by air – it’s all container shipped and no container leaves port half-filled – sometimes this means a long wait for stock to arrive in stores for purchase.

As we’ve mentioned innumerable times, don’t trust the IKEA website’s stock levels – they are notoriously inaccurate. If you absolutely need to know, call the store and ask for someone IN the store (not at the call center) to check the stock for you.

Tip: Try to reach the Home Furnishings Consultant if your store has one.

Discontinued – These products are going away, never to return to the catalog. The JERKER desk is an example of this kind of discontinued item. There is often little or no warning that the item is to be discontinued, and in the case of something like the JERKER where there are accessories and such, it can pose a problem for people who didn’t get everything they wanted the first time around.

Fact: IKEA stocks about 10,000 items – each year, some old things must go to make way for the new.

Sales Stops – Sales stops result from manufacturing, distribution and supply problems, primarily. Either there’s a problem with the supplier keeping up with the demand, with distribution getting products to the stores, or an issue with quality or safety has been identified and until it’s rectified, IKEA will not stock any additional product. Sometimes the problematic products continue to be sold until the warehoused supply is depleted (as in the ADEL Medium Brown Sales Stop), and other times, it’s pulled from the warehouses completely.

Tip: If you are told that something has been discontinued, ask a co-worker if there’s a Sales Stop in place or if it’s been completely discontinued.

Changeovers - Sometimes it’s simply a change of manufacturers that causes a sales stop; VIKA ARTUR trestle leg lovers suffered from this situation. During the changeover from one manufacturer to another, customers were told it was, 1. Out of Stock 2. Discontinued 3. on a Sales Stop. In reality, there was some stock remaining in some stores, some in warehouses yet to be shipped to stores, and a new manufacturer was bringing production online.

Fact: Just as frequently a product will have an old finish discontinued and a new introduced.

For example, IKEA recently phased out the HEMNES in blue and introduced another (very different blue, see right) without making it clear to customers or co-workers that this was happening.

Outrage Over Changes in Product Lines

Frequently, the cause of outrage is a simple lack of communication on IKEA’s part which leads to misunderstandings or misinformation. It’s maddening ask about a product and be told that it’s ‘out of stock,’ only to find out later that it’s been discontinued, but it happens more often than you’d think.

In fact, right now there’s some hoopla over the ‘Discontinued NEXUS Brown-Black’ cabinets. According to IKEAFANS member and IKEA Kitchens co-worker Urad, NBB will be reintroduced in August albeit from a different manufacturer. If you’re doing your kitchen in NBB, I’d suggest getting all your doors and drawer fronts now or waiting until new stock is in stores.

We usually have the scoop on what’s up with specific products, so always make sure you check rumors with the IKEA Fans Community in our forums.

End of Product Year

From about March through August is when we see the most turnover in IKEA product range. Although IKEA is constantly discontinuing and introducing new products, the new catalog is issued around August 1st each year (Get the scoop on the 2011 IKEA Catalog in advance!) and products that are being discontinued are marked down and clearanced beginning as early as February. Final destination – the AS-IS room, so if you’re looking for something that’s recently been discontinued, check the AS-IS room first. New products will start showing up in the stores between June and October, and then throughout the year as well.

Warranty Claims

ikea warranty claimWhen IKEA discontinues a product such as the NEXUS Black-Brown doors mentioned above, we often hear concerns from members about Warranty claims. Many IKEA products now offer 10, 15 or 25 year warranties. If the products have been discontinued, how will warranty claims be addressed?

We saw this issue a few years back when people who’d installed STAT yellow kitchens had difficulties with the finish peeling and cracking. At that time, apparently IKEA had no way to honor warranty claims. It is our understanding that IKEA’s intent is to continue to warehouse stock of discontinued items for a number of years so that warranty claims can be fulfilled. Still, the possibility exists that you may have to replace an entire kitchen’s worth of cabinet doors in the future if your warranty claim cannot be fulfilled by IKEA’s customer service department.

How to Find Discontinued IKEA Products

As stated above, your first stop should be the IKEA AS-IS Room (known as the Bargain Corner in some parts of the world) – a thing of wonder and beauty where products that were floor samples, damaged items, some returns and discontinued products are sold at a discount. It’s one more way that IKEA reduces their costs by reducing waste (the AS-IS room is part of the Recovery Department) and selling items that would otherwise be trash.

Often, savvy eBay entrepreneurs will buy up items that are on sale in the AS-IS room and resell them on eBay. Do a search for IKEA on eBay (with your keywords) to find discontinued IKEA merchandise for sale.

Our Swaps and Exchanges forum is another source for discontinued products, as is Craigslist.


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33 Responses to “IKEA Discontinued my ‘X’ … Or Did They?”

  1. jen says:

    They discontinued FIRA???? I thought I saw tem last time!

  2. Susan says:

    I know – sad, but true. I keep hoping they’ll come out with a replacement. I LOVE my FIRA!


  3. quiltmaster says:

    Good article. Certainly is one of my frustrations. I was waiting for Abstrakt Gray so I could mix Abstrakt gray with Rubrik black. As soon as Abstract Gray arrived, they discontinued Rubrik Black. Oh well…

  4. Paul Sleeper says:

    The biggest issue I have is trying to get replacement parts when something breaks or goes missing. The IKEA furniture has so many small parts that are needed for it to function properly. I have been looking for a small metal piece for an IKEA bed for 3 years without any luck…I have posted it on IKEAFANS but have not gotten responses on it yet.

  5. Susan says:

    Paul – can you link to your post on it? If I have the part you need, it’ll be in the mail to you this week. Thanks!


  6. Marius says:

    I’ve also been looking for shelf screws (the plastic capped ones) for my DOCENT bookcase for about eight months now. The line has been discontinued and the stores don’t seem to carry those anymore.

  7. Susan says:

    Hi Marius – I have a whole collection of parts and pieces for IKEA stuff. Are you talking about the barrel shaped metal pegs? Some of them have a plastic sleeve on them, which is what I’m guessing you’re after. How many do you need? I can check my supplies….


  8. Ben says:

    Hey Guys,
    just found out that Malm 6 drawer unit in medium brown has been discontinued and am desperate to find one. Have searched ebay without any luck – is there a way to get a stocktake from all IKEAs to find if there are any still in existance in any stores??
    Thanks for any feedback.

  9. jforde says:

    Does anyone know of a specific re-seller of disco product? I really need a set of Billy Byom black-brown solid short doors. I have tried every combination of words I can think of to find them, but I live in a small area and I just can’t seem to find anyone who has a set. The thought of starting over makes me ill :(
    I talked to an Ikea associate who said they knew there were doors in the system, and still shown in some stores until they sell out. He suggested I try here…but no luck so far. So does anyone know of a search service or someone who is “hooked in?” I would be willing to bring them in from pretty much anywhere, I hate to think of the waste I will create starting over!

  10. Shirley says:

    I am looking for exactly the same thing. It seems they are out of stock internationally as I tried looking at the websites for Ikea Canada and Sweden.

    Before they went out of stock, I saw a door product listed on their website as “New”, but there weren’t any available. Then, it disappeared.

    Hopefully, the “new” product will return. Maybe there was a problem with it?

  11. wendy says:

    Hi I have two Billy Byom doors (one set). They are glass and black/brown finish size 40 x 35 cm and the product no. is 301.166.74 Please let me know if you are interested. Burlington ON

  12. jforde says:


    I was at IKEA in Calgary Alberta, and just out of desperation I asked about the solid BYOM doors. The associate assured me they were discontinued, but then another girl said she swore she saw some in the warehouse.

    Sure enough they looked them up and they had 63 UNITS!!! They didn’t even have a home location on the floor. They called downstairs and the warehouse basically told them they were on a pallet at the end of an aisle, so I ran down there and THERE THEY WERE!!

    Are they disco’d? I don’t know, but if you need them IKEA Calgary has at least 61 units as of Sunday. I went back today and they are NOT in the Billy home location nor are they in the Billy door display–so it pays to ask!!

    @Wendy: Thanks so much for the offer, but I’m good now!

    @Shirley: If you still want some, try Calgary. No one seemed to know where the stock came from…the furniture associate said it is listed as discontinued and a new door with wood slats and glass (?) was coming out…looking like a window pane I imagine from his description. Maybe they are selling off stock from inventory? The price was still $40 CAN a door.

  13. Faye says:

    Hello there,

    I’m desperately after an Alvine Triangle Rug. The black and white one. I believe it has been discontinued for some time. What can I do?


  14. is1337 says:

    I hate that IKEA discontinued 2 of my favorite food items (in the US at least). Pizza Pockets and Punschrullar!!! BRING THEM BACK IKEA!

  15. Tramell says:

    I bought the ISALA Ikea Cabinet in lovely lilac and then in moving, one of the side panels was broken and even in worse in a way – one of the legs was lost with the peg that slotted into it. I haven’t even had it long and now I can’t use it because my local Ikea say they have no spare parts to help me.

    I posted in the swap and sell but this is ridiculous! Why do they not carry spare parts – it’s my first place and it’s very upsetting. If anyone can help at all – I’d really, really appreciate it.

  16. Lesha says:

    Hi, I’m desperate for a single square(16×16 inch=40×40 cent) for my TRABY IKEA cabinet unit.. the piece disapared in a recent move!?!? I’m quite upset by this, as I have several other pieces that form a compleat unit… I live in London UK but travel to the states several times a month so I could have it shipped to my hotel or pick up in, DC,Chicago,LA or San Fransisco and take it back with me as my checked luggage. In the UK I can arrange pick up or shipping. Anyone have one they want to sell, or any info on finding one? much appreciated.

  17. Susan says:

    I’d suggest you post in the forums under Swaps and Exchanges where your request will get the attention it deserves. Good luck!

  18. Sarah says:

    I am looking for Tidaholm door and drawer fronts.
    Any help is welcome.

  19. Helen says:

    Hello. My webstore specializes in new and discontinued IKEA products, especially slipcovers, duvet sets, curtains, and rugs. I have many genuine IKEA covers available for discontinued sofa lines, such as EKESKOG, TYLOSAND, KRAMFORS, as well as discontinued fabrics for current lines such as EKTORP, KLIPPAN, KARLSTAD, KIVIK, IKEA STOCKHOLM. I sell current products, as well.

  20. Karen Fowler says:

    Hi.I am looking for light pink DRONA box that fits in the expedit cubes.They have them this year but in a bright pink.If anybody knows where i can buy some that would be great.Thanks.

  21. Jennifer says:

    Hi, anyone know where I can get the hot pink drona boxes for the white expedit unit? It’s out of stock in every Ikea and sold out on ebay. Thanks!

  22. ecg says:

    Hi Susan,

    I am looking for several REALLY OLD parts:

    4X 00514
    2X 00021
    2X 00025
    4X 00600

    I see you mentioned that you had a ton of spare parts? Could you let me know if you may have these? They are for a queen bed.


  23. Susan says:

    Sorry to tell you I lost my ton of parts. :( Have you checked with the store?

  24. smarcie29 says:

    I am looking for a decorative statue that IKEA sold about 10 yrs ago. Tan in colour. Modern interpretation – naked torso of a lady (armless) ANYONE??? sentimental value- got broken. thanks.

  25. Sharon says:

    I bought a second hand pegboard room divider from Ikea. I would love to have more “pegs” that will fit in it. I only have one :(

  26. Stephanie says:

    looking for hot pink drona box for the white expedit unit that I bought any ideas sold out ikea Dublin and ebay

  27. Isabella says:

    Hi looking for the pax corner wardrobe in birch veneer 73×73x239 look in exxex

  28. tvnewswatch says:

    Ikea’s continually discontinuing products annoys me very much. This is as said annoying when attempting to build up a number of products that match. One example is the BOALT CD rack. Cheap and easily bolted to the wall, and given it was plain wood could be easily colour matched to one’s décor. So one buys a few but of course the CD collection grows so you want more, but guess what – no longer available.

    Then there’s things that are discontinued and replaced but for products of inferior or poor design. The URLEV rug was a fantastic modern designer rug, but gone now and there’s nothing that matches its great use of shape and colour. Similarly the KLARUP, a plain off white wool rug has also disappeared from Ikea shelves.

    The TERTIAL angle poise lamp still exists, but no longer in black, only silver.

    Finally on my list of discontinued items is the lovely BENNO media unit with lockable glass sliding doors and dark oak veneer. Some items still exist in this range but this item sadly has gone forever.

    IKEA has some great item, fantastic design and often at great prices. The lesson however is, when making a purchase is to by ALL the items to match that one wants in a set, given one has the pocket to do it. Also one should enquire about spares and obtain them ahead of time, especially those all important fixings that might well wear out or break. At the end of the day IKEA is cheap and pretty much throw-away, despite its ecological claims to the contrary. So it’s a matter of choice and cost for the average Joe.

  29. Ydoyouask says:

    Hi there,

    I’m joining the ranks of shameless Ikea fans. Please help me find some Ikea flatware I bought in February of 2013!

    It came as a set: 4 Knives, 4 Big Spoons, 4 Small Spoons, 4 Big Forks, 4 Small Forks
    The design is very sleek and simple, just one piece of stainless steel. The closest thing I could find on other sites is the “Data” set, but I can tell from how round and wide the knives are that that isn’t it.

    Handles have no design, grooves, markings, etc. but are very solid and thicker than the part of the utensil you eat with. Forks have 4 tines. Spoons are kind of shovel-shaped. Kind of.

    Any ikea sleuths out there have a clue?

    Thank you!

  30. Ydoyouask says:

    I should add that the handles have very slight curves in them and that the end you hold is rectangular, but not sharp. The very tip is also rectangular(ish) with discreet faces.

  31. Susan says:

    Hi there! You might have better luck if you post in the forums. Welcome to IKEAFANS!


  32. Val Ellis says:

    For anyone thats bought a faktum kitchen, stores no longer stock either the cabinets or doors. The new kitchen range is incompatible with faktum and the doors are not interchangeable. As my kitchen is 10 months old…. not impressed

  33. martina says:

    does anyone have the bulbs to the stranne table lamp PLEASE

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