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IKEA Food: Cooking with Jørn

Posted on October 15, 2010 at 12:53 pm
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Believe it or not, there’s more to Swedish cooking than meatballs and glögg. Check out IKEA’s series of videos titled ‘Cooking with Jørn’ which highlights the use of IKEA grocery items in meals you can make at home. Click through for links to more recipes and some fabulous food pron…

IKEA Food: Cooking with Jorn

Cooking with Jorn: IKEA Food Video Series

IKEA has put together a video series with Chef Jørn. Watch him make Cloudberry Trifle, Chocolate Fondue, Hallakaka, Glogg and Rice Pudding and more traditional Swedish fare. Not as much fun to watch as the Swedish chef, but perhaps more informational…

See more videos from the IKEA Food series, Cooking with Jørn

Swedish Food, Cooking and Cuisine

Swedish food is a virtual smörgåsbord of flavors, textures and aromas which evolved from the need to store food for the long dark Scandinavian winters. During the relatively short summer harvest, activity was centered around preserving foods for winter use; preservation methods such as smoking, fermenting, salting, drying, marinating and poaching influenced the Swedish cuisine heavily. Vegetables and fish were pickled, milk was turned into yogurt and fruits were made into jams and jellies for storage.

Swedish Groceries at IKEA

A well-stocked pantry is a source of pride in the Swedish culture and many items found in Swedish pantries can be found at the IKEA Bistro in the grocery section. Look for cheeses, frozen fish, jams, frozen pancakes and of course meatballs! Take them home in an insulated IKEA Food bag.

Recipe Cards at the IKEA Bistro

Look for ingredients and recipe cards at your local IKEA in the Swedish Bistro near the exit – I found recipe cards for Pancake Cakes, Prawn Cocktails, Sparkling Elderberry Flower drink and Sandwiches with Marinated Salmon. Yum!

Looking for IKEA recipes?

Try out the IKEA Meatball recipe or our own IKEAFANS member csholocene’s recipe for Spinach and Cheese filled Crepes from the IKEA Restaurant.

IKEA Food: Bistro

The IKEA Bistro is where you can pick up all sorts of Swedish food ingredients, as well as frozen prepared foods, but it’s also where you can get hotdogs for 50¢ and frozen yogurt for $1 while you wait for your cash and carry items to be pulled from the warehouse or for your honey to load the car for you. Enjoy!


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