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IKEA Gift Registry – Is there one?

Posted on May 14, 2010 at 12:39 pm
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Yes. ONE. An IKEA Gift Registry is now available at IKEA Pittsburgh.

How exciting! May 1st saw the launch of the first IKEA Gift Registry, at IKEA Pittsburgh – you can now create a gift registry at the IKEA Pittsburgh store even if you’re not local to Pittsburgh and have your orders fulfilled and shipped anywhere in the U.S. by IKEA Pittsburgh’s Home Shopping service (another unique store service). Read on for more information about the limitations of the program, and how it came to be at the Pittsburgh store…

Gift Registry – Not Just for Weddings Anymore…

According to a 2006 study by market analysts at the Mintel International Group, Ltd., the U.S. gift registry market was $13.6 billion that year. Weddings account for more than 95 percent of sales through gift registries, with bridal showers and baby showers coming in at a distant second and third.

Still, gifts are a small portion of the overall retail landscape, which in 2005 was about $282 billion according to Pennsylvania-based market analysts Unity Marketing Inc., based on U.S. Census Bureau data. Unfortunately, the recession has impacted both gift-giving and gift registries, although new trends are emerging with respect to gifting for civil unions, same-sex marriages, later marriages, and even divorces.  An IKEA Gift Registry could be utilized to honor many other life events, such as the embarkment on a new life for students or young professionals just starting out in the world, the creation of a new small business or as a wishlist for a child looking forward to a more grown up room makeover.

Studies have shown that gender, age and income all have an impact on the use of gift registries, with women of a higher income bracket between the ages of 24-35 being most likely to register for gifts. Pittsburgh consumers seem to be particularly fond of the gift registry idea, making it a worthy endeavor for the store. We happen to think it’s a fantastic idea, and one that’s long overdue.

IKEA Gift Registry – a Q&A

Jennifer Strang, the Marketing Specialist for IKEA Pittsburgh answered some questions for me recently in regard to the IKEA Pittsburgh store’s innovative programs, such as the Home Shopping Service (more on that, coming soon!).

Why is it that IKEA Pittsburgh seems to have more innovative programs than other stores, such as the Gift Registry and Home Shopping?

Home Shopping and Gift Registry are the brainchild of our management team which includes Store Manager Terri Noble, a long-time IKEA coworker. Terri is quite determined to make IKEA Pittsburgh a shining gem in the IKEA network of stores and pushes all IKEA Pittsburgh coworkers to develop new concepts and ideas. The launch of Home Shopping and Gift Registry has truly been a collaboration of many different departments and we’re very pleased with the results to date.

Will the Gift Registry and Home Shopping work together (i.e. can I register on your website, and then have gifts purchased through Home Shopping by my friends and family, then shipped to me by your store?)?

Yes, exactly! Registrants may create a registry either online or in the store. They will receive complimentary announcement cards to insert into their invitations indicated where they are registered. Also, a link to the registry is provided to the registrant to include in their wedding website such as or Guest may then peruse their registry online, selecting items for purchase and then calling Home Shopping to process the order. Gifts may be shipped to the guest or directly to the registrant. Oversize items may require additional shipping or a call to the registrant to arrange for delivery or pick up but most are so excited to be registered at IKEA Pittsburgh they don’t mind!

Please note: Although IKEA Pittsburgh Gift Registry was created with our local customers in mind, we realize the appeal it has for everyone. While we welcome all United States residents to register at this time, we must stress that the registry is managed locally in the IKEA Pittsburgh store only. Items from a registry can be purchased from other stores but unless a guest purchases their gift from the IKEA Pittsburgh store we have no way of updating a registry that a purchase has been made.

Are there limits on the items that can be registered? For instance, could I register for a whole kitchen?

Yes, at this time, we are aiming to limit the registry to Markethall and select items from the Showroom. Intricate systems such as kitchens, home entertainment, or wardrobes are not available for purchase. Some registrants feel comfortable requesting gift cards for these larger items but we leave that up to their own discretion.

When did the registry launch?

IKEA Pittsburgh Gift Registry quietly launched on May 1, 2010 with a few hiccups but largely a positive experience. As this is an entirely new system, we are definitely learning along the way. We’re lucky to have so many understanding IKEA customers that are willing to work with us as we continue to improve the process.

How long has the Gift Registry been in development?

For many years we were bombarded with requests for an IKEA gift registry. With the successful launch of our Home Shopping service, we finally had the means in which to execute a gift registry in an efficient manner.

Is this a pilot program? If it’s successful in Pittsburgh, will it likely be implemented at other stores?

Gift registry is exclusive to IKEA Pittsburgh. We are launching it independently as an enhancement to the local shopping experience and our expanded services package.

How do you plan to promote the existence of the Gift Registry?

IKEA Pittsburgh will begin to promote Gift Registry throughout the coming months but so far to date our favourite and most fun promotion has been to have a bride and groom in full wedding regalia traipsing through the store handing out promotional materials.

IKEA Pittsburgh

For all the details and new info on programs available at IKEA Pittsburgh, follow them on Twitter: @IKEAPittsburgh, or join their Facebook Fan (Liker) page: IKEA Pittsburgh on Facebook.

Do YOU have questions about the Gift Registry at IKEA or Home Shopping? If so, reply in the Comments and we’ll get your questions answered!


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