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IKEA Hacks: Shoe Storage Solutions

Posted on July 13, 2011 at 3:51 pm
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IKEA Shoe Storage - AKURUM

Organizing shoes can be a challenge, (especially if you don’t wear shoes in the house and/or have a large family which needs to have shoes organized by the door.) Sure, you could just throw them in the closet floor, or on a shoe rack in the mudroom, but where’s the fun in that? We’ve got three clever IKEA Hacks involving IKEA AKURUM kitchen cabinets and some clever shoe storage coming up! 

IKEA AKURUM Hacked for Shoe Storage

Well, not so much an IKEA hack as a repurposing of IKEA products meant for the kitchen for shoe storage. Must be a good idea since we’ve seen so many different flavors.

Kitchen Wall Cabinet Turned Shoe Storage

In the top picture on the page and the one below, Emilymch’s 36″ wide AKURUM wall cabinet sports RUBRIK White glass doors. Just about the right depth for most ladies’ size shoes; mens and larger women’s sizes may need to sit at a slight angle. For this cabinet, you’ll need:

1 – 36×30 AKURUM wall cabinet
2 – 18×30 doors
2 – sets of hinges
2 – sets of soft-close dampers (optional, but highly recommended)
1 – hanging rail (35″ minimum length needed)
2 – 36″ wide shelves for wall cabinets
2 – knobs or handles (optional)

Assemble per instructions and hang cabinet at desired height. Add shelves, shoes and  you’re all set!

IKEA Shoe Storage- AKURUM

Kitchen Base Cabinet with Sliding Shoe Storage

IKEA Shoe Storage - AKURUM

Long time member kmcg had a similar idea, but different implementation of her shoe storage. Sandwiched between two tall cabinets, her AKURUM base cabinet has sliding shelves to take advantage of the full 24″ depth. Here she describes how she created it:

I had to make my own pull-out shelves, but it was pretty easy. You have to trim some off one edge of each shelf, and install the hardware sold at HD and Lowes and probably everywhere else – it’s something like Euro-style shelf glides. You need full extension hinges so the shelves clear the doors. I don’t think you would need pullout shelves in a shallow cabinet, but this is a great solution if you have room for a deep cabinet.

See more pictures of her clever IKEA shoe storage hack in her gallery.

Closed Shoe Cabinet Wrapped

In addition to an awesome IKEA SORBO kitchen remodel, member Elton posted pictures of a shoe cabinet wrapped in the countertop material. Very sleek and sophisticated!

IKEA Shoe Storage - Wrapped Cabinet

More pics here: My Mom’s IKEA Kitchen

IKEA Shoe Storage Solutions

Of course, you could just buy a shoe storage organizer from IKEA and be done with it. There are great solutions for all kinds of shoe collections – big and small, young and old.

How Do YOU Shoe?

How do you store your shoes? Do you kick them off into a heap by the door, or carefully wrap them and place them into boxes? Somewhere in between? Find more IKEAFANS ideas for storing shoes.


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