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IKEA iPad App – A First Look

Posted on August 2, 2011 at 10:03 pm
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IKEA iPad App icon

IKEA has launched a full-featured iPad app for the 2012 catalog! With over 200 screens of content, many of them with additional content available on the vertical swipe, this app is sure to blow whatever free time you have for the next few months.

IKEA Catalog iPad App icon

Don’t be confused (I was) – They’ve also updated their iPhone app for the IKEA Catalog to include support for the iPad – that one’s a simple app; little more than a digitized catalog with some fancy bookmarking and sharing features but great for just browsing.

For the discerning IKEA Fan, who needs something more robust, the IKEA iPad app is for you! Read on to see screenshots, learn about the features and see some early reviews of the new iPad app for IKEA Catalog 2012.

IKEA iPad App

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here! A modern, functional IKEA catalog all wrapped up in a shiny iPad app! Gone are the days of trying to read tiny text of poor resolution on an iPhone screen. You still can’t shop with the IKEA app, but it’s a vast improvement over the existing iPhone IKEA Catalog app.

IKEA iPad App icon

IKEA iPad App Review

We had the opportunity to play with the app a few weeks ago at the 2012 IKEA Catalog Launch and I can tell you that it’s not only fun, but functional as well. This isn’t just an outsized iPhone app for the iPad – there’s loads of new content crammed into the app as well as the beautiful images and lots of product information we’re all used to from the IKEA catalog.

Hidden inside the shiny ‘pages’ are screens full of catalog ‘rooms’ with additional layers of information available when you swipe up. Find more small space and ideas on making the best of family living as well as lots of lower prices.

IKEA iPad app - VideoA particularly bright spot is the inclusion of six 2-3 minute videos that provide insight into IKEA’s design process, showcase small space ideas, and let you take a closer look inside the rooms featured in the IKEA catalog. Each one features an IKEA interior designer describing the room on the set and showing off the features. LOVE these! Look for them on the second through the seventh screens.

I do miss some of the features of the iPhone app, such as social bookmarking, additional product information and the fact that the entire catalog’s included, but I feel like this app’s value-added features make up for lacking in those areas. Look out for a comparison of the two apps sometime next week.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

IKEA iPad App Details and Requirements

Requires iOS 3.2 or later

Released: Aug 02, 2011
Version: 1.0
Size: 2.6 MB (requires additional 469MB download to function)
Language: English

IKEA iPad App Features

Multi-Touch Features

  • Flip pages back and forth using ’swipe’ gestures, or by touching the left or right of the screen.

Navigation Features

  • Tap and hold to activate navigation. Bar at top holds links while thumbnails at bottom allow you to jump to a page before or after your current position.
  • The print catalog color-coded index is included with handy links directly to the main sections (tap+hold to activate navigation, then tap Contents).
  • Bookmarks make it easy to find pages you’ve marked previously (tap+hold to activate navigation, then tap Bookmarks).
  • Tap ‘Warranty’ symbols to fly directly to the page on warranties.

Other Features

  • Open the IKEA site directly from the app. Unfortunately, much of the IKEA website is still in Flash, so you won’t have full access to the content of the website from your iPad.
  • Access help directly from the app (tap+hold to activate navigation, then tap Downloads

IKEA iPad App Pros and Cons


  • FREE!
  • Excellent resolution and high-quality, crisp images make this a beauty of an app.
  • Easy to navigate – tap and hold anywhere in the app to access the menu, swipe left and right to browse through pages.
  • More information than is available in the catalog or online. Access details like the floorplan of a kitchen, the components shown in a room and specifics like sizes and prices.
  • Movies integral to the app make it more useful and interactive than the catalog or the iPhone catalog app.


  • 468.9MB to download. UGH – for those of us with spotty 3G coverage and no/slow wifi, it’s slow-going.
  • There’s no zoom available, so if you can’t make it out clearly on the iPad’s 1024×768 resolution, you’re out of luck.
  • No ‘Back’ button. I ran in to this after tapping on a ‘warranty’ icon to see the warranty details – there was no easy way back to the page I had been on prior.
  • No way to easily jump to more details about the products YOU want to see unless they’re highlighted by the app.
  • Bonus material like movies can be hard to find.
  • I found it difficult to activate the ’sounds’ that are available on certain pages. Tracks are short – perhaps too short even.
  • IKEA iPad app helpOnce in the ‘Help’ Guide, getting back to the app can be confusing as the navigation is different (see thumbnail at right). The trick is to tap ‘Downloads’ then your catalog download to return to the application proper.
  • Swipe gestures to activate top ‘layer’ seem to require more and/or less touch than you’d think, alternately. Maybe that’s just me.

IKEA iPad Help

IKEA iPad App Help & Features

Click to enlarge

Menu: Access the menu by tapping and holding on the screen.

Layers: Remove top layer by double tapping the middle of the screen.

Table of Contents: Tap the top left corner for contents.

Bookmark: Tap the top right corner to create a bookmark.

Browse: Swipe left and right to browse through pages.

Read: Swipe up to activate top layer and read more on most pages.

Top: Return to the top of a page by tapping the top of the page.

2012 IKEA Catalog iPhone & iPad App Updated

In related news, the new for 2012 IKEA Catalog app has been updated with the new catalog for the US market. See a full review, screenshots and feature set of the new application in IKEA iPhone/iPad Catalog App Updated for 2012.


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