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IKEA Kitchen Doorstyles for 2011

Posted on July 17, 2010 at 6:57 pm
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IKEA RUBRIK Turquoise ABSTRAKT White 2011 Catalog

We’ve been all over the ┬áNYC (and all over the web) to bring you the latest on what’s new for 2011 in IKEA Kitchens and while we continue to sort through our pictures and video, we thought we’d bring you the latest news for IKEA Kitchens.

Click through to find out what that beautiful new door style above is and to see the new RAMSJO doors in both Black-Brown and White. You’ll also see the pink APPLAD door (and find out if it’s coming to the US market), plus learn a few secrets about which doors will stay around a few years longer, and which are on their way out the door. Want to know which kitchens will cost you less in 2011? Click on through for the scoop!

IKEA RUBRIK Turquoise Kitchen Door 2011 CatalogIKEA 2011 Kitchens Catalog

The 2011 IKEA RUBRIK Turquoise and ABSTRAKT White kitchen shown above is from the FAKTUM line (the Euro-Asian equivalent of IKEA North America’s AKURUM Kitchen line). The turquoise in this image is MUCH improved over the doorstyle image we showed you last week, and we confirmed with Patrik Rosen, the Sales Lead for Kitchens in North America that the color is much more blue and ‘caribbean-influenced’ than the image you see to the right which, I think you’ll agree with me, is just icky.

New Lower Prices on IKEA Kitchens in 2011

Are prices going down on IKEA Kitchens? Traditionally some prices go up and some go down each catalog year.So, the question is, are prices going up, down or remaining stable for the new IKEA Kitchens Catalog in 2011? Yes! Two doorstyles are confirmed to be priced lower than they were in the 2010 IKEA Catalog year.

LIDINGO kitchen cabinets are cheaper this year than last year – running at only 92.8% of last year’s price. Also, LILJESTAD cabinets will be lower-priced this year, but I don’t have an exact price reduction amount as of yet. The new Kitchens Catalog will be a few more weeks before it’s even printed, but I’ll get you the info as soon as possible (last year an IKEA angel sent me one a couple weeks in advance, so I have hope!).


RAMSJO is ideally suited to fill the gap in the line between the more traditional TIDAHOLM and the somewhat contemporary ADEL style. Available in both a Black-Brown and a painted White, I predict a long, illustrious run for RAMSJO. Display kitchens have been sighted in Philadelphia and I believe in Florida, so start looking for it at an IKEA Kitchens showroom near you. It should be available in stores beginning in August, but could take longer depending on distribution.

Read more about and see pictures of the new RAMSJO doorstyles in New for IKEA Kitchens in 2011.

RAMSJO Kitchen Door in Black-Brown

IKEA RAMSJO Black-Brown Kitchen Door 2011 Catalog

RAMSJO Kitchen Door in White

IKEA RAMSJO White Kitchen Door 2011 Catalog
RUBRIK Kitchen Door in Turquoise

Available sometime after August in the US as well as European markets, this doorstyle is less sickly green than in this picture (see image at top), and much more of a deep, rich turquoise. Different from the Teal color that we loved from a few years ago, but nice in its own way. As an ‘Accent Door’ you can expect to find limited sizes and a lifespan of only about two years, so if you like this, jump on it.

IKEA RUBRIK Turquoise Kitchen Door 2011 Catalog

APPLAD Kitchen Door in Pink

While the Euro markets can expect this RUBRIK APPLAD door to show up for FAKTUM in a few months’ time, the US market will not be getting APPLAD Pink. You can see how pale the pink is in the picture in New for IKEA Kitchens in 2011.

IKEA APPLAD Pink Kitchen Door 2011 Catalog

IKEA Kitchen Doors to be Discontinued in 2011

IKEA RUBRIK Copper Effect will stick around for another year, but RUBRIK APPLAD Yellow is definitely on its way out. I’m having a bit of a remembery problem with regard to the RUBRIK APPLAD Orange, so if anyone knows whether that’s going to be available in 2011, please reply in the comments!

IKEA Kitchen Doors NOT Being Discontinued in 2011

NEXUS Black Brown doors are NOT being discontinued as feared in this thread: NEXUS BB Discontinued. It has been confirmed by co-workers as well as the Sales Lead for Kitchens in North America that this doorstyle is in what’s known as ‘Changeover,’ and will be reintroduced in August albeit from a different manufacturer. In the meantime, don’t believe it if they tell you it’s discontinued. I have it from the source that it’s not.

IKEA NEXUS Black-Brown Kitchen Cabinet 2011 Catalog Stay tuned for more about IKEA Kitchens in 2011, including what’s new in Kitchen Accessories for this next catalog year.


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12 Responses to “IKEA Kitchen Doorstyles for 2011”

  1. Sarah says:

    “the NYC”? Have you also been to “the Chicago” or “the LA”?

  2. ted says:

    Applad Yellow, Orange and Black are all being discontinued.

  3. Susan says:

    Haha – just noticed that! I got little more than a couple hours of sleep each night, so it’s no wonder my editing skills have gone down hill. Still, hope you were able to enjoy the article outside of laughing at my typo.


  4. jmoy76 says:

    An Ikean at the Renton, WA store told us this weekend that the new version of Nexus Black-Brown will be even darker, which I think is odd since it’s already pretty dark. Maybe they should just call it Nexus Black. They had one sample in the back and it was definitely blacker than the existing sample on display. They’re supposed to have more of it on display in a couple of weeks.

  5. griffin says:

    I am planning a kitchen with Nexus Brown/Black. I was shown the sample panel for the new version at my Ikea store on Thursday. It is much more black than brown, finer grained and overall smoother wood. I like it much better and will be excited to order it. But it definitely would not blend in with old version.

  6. megan says:

    I’m still surprised Applad Black is going away. I guess the rest of America doesn’t share my tastes!

  7. cate says:

    I went looking for the Ramjso and found it in Toronto at the Etobicoke store today. Its a lot fatter than I had thought, as fat as the Adel. I hope they keep Tidaholm for a while because I really like the thiner profile. Dying to see the Turquoise Ruberik!

  8. renbelle says:

    Reports on this site have said the Ramsjo white is the Adel white rather than Lidingo white. Can you confirm from what you’ve seen? Thanks.

  9. 5DogNite says:

    Ikea-Covina has unveiled their new black-brown Ramsjo kitchen display already. The style definitely leans more traditional than contemporary. Can’t remember the exact price, but it was closer to Nexus than Tidaholm.

    We were also able to see a sample of the new Nexus Black Brown. As others have said, it is darker and the wood grain is more subdued. We thought it was very attractive. During the spring kitchen sale, we purchased a NBB kitchen. Our DIY remodel is taking forever to complete, so we are going to return the original NBB pieces and re-purchase the new NBB. Thank goodness for the heads up from the IkeaFans site!

  10. Bev says:

    I’ve already had my Ramsjo kitchen delivered (Ottawa). I ordered based on the photo’s in early July. Its not a pure white. Looking forward to seeing it installed which will be another week or so.

  11. Laura says:

    Is it true that IKEA will no longer have kitchen sales? I missed the one this past spring.

  12. Susan says:

    IKEA USA will no longer be doing regular Kitchen Sales spring and fall as they have for the last few years. They may, in the future, have a sale but my source a the top of the kitchen sales food chain for the US market confirmed that the spring sale was in fact the Last IKEA Kitchen Sale:

    I missed it too! Bummer.

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