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Posted on February 16, 2010 at 12:31 am
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Thinking about an IKEA Mattress? Ever wanted an IKEA Mattress Review? Right now, IKEA is offering free mattress removal with the purchase of a mattress and paid delivery. So are IKEA Mattresses any good? Read reviews of IKEA mattresses and boxsprings, plus get help finding your perfect mattress after the jump!

A Review of Mattress Types

Mattresses come in a bewildering array of materials, sizes, thicknesses, and combinations thereof. But there are a few basic categories – foam, latex, spring for the mattresses, and box spring or slatted bed bases for the foundations. Then there’s mattress toppers or pillowtops! Review the types of mattresses below:

foam-mattressFoam Mattresses

Designed to contour to your body, foam mattress contain high resilient and/or memory foam which contours to your body and resumes its shape. Foam support your body no matter the position and absorbs movements so that you don’t feel your sleep partner’s movements. With natural materials like wool and silk covering mattresses, temperatures are kept even and moisture is wicked away from  your body. Removable, washable covers make cleaning a snap.

All IKEA Foam mattresses start with the letter F: FIDJETUN, FINNVIK, FJORDGARD, FLOKENES, FLORVÅG, FONNES, FOSSING, and FÅVANG – all part of the SULTAN family which bear the 25 year limited warranty. FORSEN, FAGERAS, FORSBACKA, FOLLEBU, and FANGEBO have been discontinued.

latex-mattressLatex Mattresses

Designed for precise support, latex mattresses yield to pressure points such as elbows, shoulders and hips – similar to foam, but lighter and springier. The mattress cushions movements, allowing for full relaxation and undisturbed sleep. Naturally porous, latex circulates air and wicks moisture away from your body. The most flexible of all the mattresses, these go well with adjustable slatted bed bases.

All IKEA latex mattresses start with the letter E: ELSFJORD, ENGENES, ERFJORD and as part of the SULTAN family, they carry the 25 year limited warranty. EVJE and ENEBAAK have been discontinued.

spring-mattressesSpring Mattresses

Spring mattresses are designed to evenly distribute weight and eliminate pressure on any particular part of your body. Air circulation is good in spring mattresses, keeping you cool and dry during the night. Choose top layers of foam, latex or natural materials to customize your sleep.

All IKEA Spring mattresses which start with the letter H: HAGAVIK, HAMNVIK, HARESTUA, HEIDAL, HERAND, HJARTDAL, HJELMÅS and HUGLO are covered by the 25 year warranty. JAREN and JAVNAKER are not. HASSELBACK has been discontinued as has HOGBO, HEDFORS, and HEBERG. ALBY, ALEKULL, and ARNO have been discontinued.

Review of Foundation Types

boxspringBoxspring Foundations

In the United States at least, the boxspring is the traditional type of foundation for a mattress. It lifts the mattress up higher and provides support through the use of a sturdy wood frame, with springs in the middle. IKEA boxsprings carry the 25 year limited warranty, except for the JÄRLEBO which has no warranty.

Check out the OXEL line for Box Spring Covers: OXEL Box Spring Covers

slatted-bed-baseSlatted Bed Bases

In Europe, the slatted bed base is a common type of support for a mattress.  It’s low-profile, and lends itself to adjustable applications. Keep in mind that wide bed slats require a mid-beam to make them structurally sound. Except for SULTAN LADE, all IKEA slatted bed bases carry the 25 year warranty, however those with motors for adjustable bases – the motors are covered by a five year warranty.

Review of Mattress Topper Types

pillowtop-mattress-topperFoam or Latex Mattress Topper: Foam and latex mattress toppers simulate the existence of an actual foam, memory foam or latex mattress. Ranging from 1 5/8″ thick to 2 1/2″ thick, foam and latex toppers provide cushiony support for a fraction of the price of a full mattress. Memory Foam Toppers: SULTAN TAFJORD. Foam Toppers: SULTAN TJOME, SULTAN TARSTA. Latex Toppers: SULTAN TVEIT, SULTAN TOLG.

Natural Material Mattress Topper: These mattress toppers or mattress pads provide an extra measure of softness and even protection for the mattress below. SULTAN TRANDAL

None of the IKEA mattress toppers are covered by warranty. TIMAN, TALLIDEN and TORSMO have been discontinued.

IKEA Bed Information

IKEA Bed, Mattress, Bedframe, Boxspring, Slatted Bed Base, Mattress Topper and Crib and Cot Mattress information is located here: IKEA Mattress and Bed Information: IKEA Mattresses

IKEA Mattress Quality

IKEA mattresses are tested like many of IKEA’s products for durability. On most of IKEA’s mattresses, there is a 25 Year Limited Warranty.

  • Body Testing: IKEA tests the main body of the mattress to simulate various sleeping positions by moving a weight up and down the bed and in different positions 10,000 times.
  • Edge Testing: IKEA tests the edges of the bed to simulate sitting on the edge of the bed when getting in or out, or when dressing. A 220 pound weight is raised and lowered onto the edge of the bed 20,000 times.

IKEA Mattress Reviews

SULTAN HEIDAL: “This is a firm mattress, but I have found it v comfortable. Transports heat and moisture v effectively.”

SULTAN HJELMÅS: quiltmaster: “Excellent quality. Flippable. Hard to find similar warranty for anywhere near the price elsewhere.”

SULTAN ALSARP: Tigratrus: “Love it. Excellent use of space in an unexpected location.”

SULTAN ERFJORD: “Conforms nicely to body. More conforming and softer than the Evje.”

SULTAN EVJE. yage: So far it’s been very comfortable and we’ve been using it with the Lade slatted bed base


IKEA’s Mattress Warranty

IKEA offers a Twenty Five Year Limited Warranty on most mattresses. The SULTAN LADE’s electric motor has a Five Year Limited Warranty. Warranties do not apply to SULTAN Mattress Pads or Slatted Bed Bases or Children’s Mattresses.

The mattress warranty covers the SULTAN mattresses and bed bases against defects in material and workmanship as follows:

  • Wooden frame and springs in the wooden base spring mattresses
  • Springs in reversible spring mattresses
  • Foam core in foam mattresses
  • Latex core in latex mattresses
  • Wooden frame and slats in slatted bed bases except for SULTAN LADE. The electric motor in the electrically operated beds carry a 5 year warranty.


Love It or Exchange It

IKEA offers additional surety that you’ll be happy with your mattress – you can exchange a mattress once in ninety days if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. The Love It or Exchange It policy is as follows:

Return your mattress with your receipt to the store and select your new mattress. We are unable to exchange your mattress if your merchandise is found to be dirty, stained, damaged or abused.

You’ll also have to provide a Photo I.D. as a condition of the exchange.

IKEA Mattress Removal Offer

From January 11th through March 7th, 2010 when you purchase a new mattress and pay for delivery, IKEA will remove your old mattress for free!


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74 Responses to “IKEA Mattress Reviews”

  1. Catalina says:

    If you are planning to buy an IKEA mattress DONT DO IT! Really, they are terrible. I just bought one two months ago, now it feels like an old mattress and all the mornings I regreat had bought it.

    The satisfaction’s warranty is tricky you can change it only for another one, they dont refund it. But if they have only bad mattress, why in the world I want another bad mattress?

    My recomendation, buy another brand.

  2. Stephen says:

    I have a full size Sultan Fonnes and it only took a few months for it to become worn out. I was waking up with sore hips from sleeping on my side. The mattress feels great in the spots I don’t routinely sleep in, but there is a noticeable dent where I usually sleep. It drives me crazy to know I wasted so much money. I haven’t even had this for a year and it’s worse than I would have expected after five. Do not buy this mattress.

  3. Stephanie says:

    DON’T DO IT. If you want to purchase the worst bed you’ve ever owned, buy an IKEA mattress. We purchased one; hated it; got into a huge argument over their policy … READ THE FINE PRINT; finally won out. Got another one and HATE it .. but are stuck with it. The center board is like a steel beam poking us in the middle of the bed. I had to buy more foam for $225 and a padded mattress cover and it still is like sleeping on concrete. Hot concrete.
    Am going to put it on the street. seriously! it will be gone by morning.
    sorry, but had to let this go.

  4. Julie says:

    Why, oh why didn’t I read these comments before I bought our IKEA mattress. Worse still, I thought buying an IKEA Tuvebo padded mattess cover would solve my problems – it didn’t. Perhaps I was expecting too much from relatively cheap products, but I trusted the IKEA brand. Not bothering with the exchange ‘guarantee’ – why replace rubbish with rubbish. It’s all out on the street right now.

  5. Vinod says:

    Unfortunately I’m completely stuck. I missed all your meaningful reviews and fell into sick well.

    I bought a Sultan Finnvik matteress and I’m getting up everyday morning with sore on my back and arms. I sleep on stomach and occasionally sidwise but it is making my everyday morning sick like a coming out of HELL.

    When I wanted to exchange and I feel all their mattresses are similar cases. And their return policy is the worst, I cant get my money back :(

  6. Chezza says:

    Bought king-size matress was so bad after less than 6 months use they said my son was too heavy (15 stone) young adult they did not mention any thing about weight when I bought it. They are going to exchange it fir another but was advised to go for more expensive one can nit get refund. Can anyone suggest which mattress I go for or are they all of bad quality?

  7. Alan says:

    I have had three IKEA mattresses and they have all been truly awful – back breakers. Many of their other products are great, but I have finally learned that their mattresses are uniformly terrible.

  8. Christina says:

    I was wondering if there is a difference between the 200.00 mattresses from Ikea and the 1200.00 mattresses there. It’s too bad that the reviewers here do not specify which mattresses they are complaining about.

  9. Mattress says:

    All these bad reviews here, I’m quite perplexed. I bought an ikea mattress four years ago, quite a cheap one too, and I’m very happy with it. It’s a latex one, as I dislike ones with springs and it’s topped by a mattress pad (also ikea). I’ve had four years of blissful sleep and I’m sure I’ll have many more.

  10. John says:

    I have a sultan fangebo mattress on an Ikea slatted base bed. I have used Ikea beds for over 30 years and they are excellent value. its time to replace the fangebo, and I wont hesitate to buy Ikea.

  11. Karine says:

    We bought a Sultan Hamnvik active pocket sprung mattress at IKEA along with the Atloy base when we moved back to the UK in April 2011. I turn the mattress everytime I change the sheets (which means quite often!) and the mattress is now caving in where we sleep (we weight 55kg and 83kg, not excessive!) We are now in Dec 2012 and frankly I don’t think we’ll be able to keep this mattress another year. Like many, we thought that with the 25 year warranty thinking such thing would not happen (or at least, not right away) or it would be covered. Read the fine print… or more simply, don’t buy an IKEA mattress. The Hamnvik 180×200 retails at GBP 300.00!!!

  12. Peter says:

    I bought a super kingsize SULTAN HUGLO. It was 5 cm’s too short in both directions, and therefor didn’t fit our frame properly. Due to this it started to get damaged at the edges, and the join inbetween (super kingsize come in 2 parts zipped into a big cover together) turned into a dip. This all caused us both chronic back ache and put our new born baby’s life at risk for 4 months while Ikea faffed about making calls and sending a man out to investigate.

    After all this we struggled then with aquiring a new mattress, as we clearly didn’t want the same mattress, and despite one member of staff promising us any mattress at no extra cost, whenever you speak to a different member of staff you’re always back to square one with the whole case.

    My advice, avoid Ikea all together. The mattresses break trades description, and their returns department are useless.

  13. James says:

    I have three of IKEA’s mattresses. I am in love!!! I noticed the ones people mentioned in the other reviews were ones that when I put the requirements in for my son were chosen on the website under the Bedrooms tab. There
    was this nice program that actually let us put in weight, and preferences
    to chose a mattress. I noticed that the Fonnes and Huglo were chosen for his weight since he is all of seven years old. I can imagine that an adult would be in some serious pain had they chosen one of these mattresses. The sales lady also said the same things when went into the store to give them an actual test run saying that adults need at more than two inches of padding compared with a child. I found the staff the be really helpful that we actually purchased an awesome latex one for our master bedroom. It was a latex one that we chose adjustable slats. Do yourself a favor and ask a staff person to help you out or use the program that is on to pick the right mattress for your needs.

  14. Jules says:

    I’m quite honestly perplexed at the amount of bad reviews IKEA mattresses are getting. I’ve had them for 10 years and have nothing but good to say about them At the moment I have a Sultan Hjelmas and LOVE it. If you like a firm mattress then it’s not the one for you because it’s very soft – supportive – but soft. It’s way too soft for my husband and we are sleeping on the spare bed at the moment and I feel like crying. I miss that wonderful mattress!!!

    The one thing I would say is that IKEA should label their mattresses according to levels of firmness, because the way forward for me is to buy 2 single mattresses, one for the hubby and one for me (Hjelmas of course) and lay them side by side in the bed. How do you know which ones are the firmest?

  15. Goby says:

    Loooolll…..Put our newborn baby’s life at risk!!! The lengths people go to to get a new mattress!!!!

  16. Riitta says:

    I guess Ikea mattresses all have indications like soft, medium, firm and so on ..
    I am planning to by a Sultan Hjelmås as I do like my bed to be a soft one. I am glad that Jules loves it. I am still considering also the 17 cm latex mattress, too. I have now a beautiful Svane by Ekornes bed. But as I am moving to Thailand I cannot take it with me;(. But I am happy that in Thailand there is Ikea. And I am happy not to spend any more so much for mattresses as I have done before.

  17. Sian says:

    We bought a hamnvik the other day as we like firm mattresses, our previous majorly foam topped mattress (different brand) was too hot and the information on the ikea web page suggested the latex wadding on the hamnvik gave a good sleep climate and another area of website actually latex if you got hot on a night. It’s bloody roasting, feel like I’ve got a fever sleeping in it, and we only have a thin duvet. Will be attempting to swap for a diff model I think.

  18. Serg says:

    I’ve bought two twin-size Sultan Favang for my children’s bunk-bed. The main requirement was that it shouldn’t be too thick, to reduce chance of falling from the second flour.

    When I’ve unpacked them, the smell was just terrible. Incredibly strong chemical smell, like gasoline or acetone, like somebody spilled some chemical on the carpet. I left them to air-out and over 3 days only small portion (2 – 5%) of original smell remained. But since I knew how it was like, I decided to return/exchange them.

    So I packed them into other package – the original one was not intended to be reused, since it’s mostly vacuumed compressed roll – and brought to IKEA, then replaced it for the latex ones – Sultan Elsfjord. I don’t know how they will last, but for now they are excellent – in absence of children I’m slipping on one of them by myself. I hope, the latex won’t wear out as quickly as foam and there is no that awful smell.

    So, bottom line – NEVER buy IKEA foam mattresses – it’s chemical disaster. Chose latex ones, if you need lesser thickness. As for spring mattresses – I don’t know, probably everything will depend on your weight and how the springs will handle it. Also they using foam too.

  19. wpgboi says:

    When we moved into our new house it was time for a new bed. Our frame is beautiful and I love it. But.. we have been through 4 of these crappy ass mattresses. My back is killing me. Sucks I have to sleep on it till friday..went out and bought a kingsdown matress being delivered friday! So yeah… DONT BUY IKEA MATRESSES! THEY SUCK AND WILL LEAVE YOU CRANKY,BITTER, AND SORE.
    I cant wait. 6 days till I can sleep again!

  20. Salim says:

    I have bought a Malm single bed , but my question is , Can i use Sultan Hagavik matter with ?

  21. Bart says:

    First: don’t buy too soft matressess – then you will not regret. Some people like to sleep on the floor, and just pretend they have matress. Instead buying soft one that leaves you just there, use a blanket. Result is the same and you are saving money.
    Second: if you did such a stupid thing – return the crap within your 90 days return window saying that eventually you have changed your mind and dont want to sleep on the floor any more. Then buy a harder one.
    Third: 25 years warranty works. I just returned two matressess that broke (I had no receipt even!). So what? I bought new ones here beacause there is no competition in “value for money” class against IKEA at Irish market. But if I am in luxury stupidity – I would buy something else or just give the refund card to my wife. Definitely she would be happy.

  22. Moo22 says:

    I really can’t understand all the negative comments on here apart from maybe you haven’t given your body time to adjust to your new mattress??? whatever mattress you buy it will take you some time to get used to it. I am about to buy another ikea mattress, i had the frimest latex one 6 years ago, can’t remember the name and it was the best mattress i have ever slept on. Having moved abroad i had to leave it behind and no other latex mattress has come close to ikea’s so i’m having 1 shipped over, that’s how good i rate ikea! I can’t believe people are berrating ikea for no refund only a 90 day exchange policy – what other store would give you a 90 day exchange, no quibble??? You definitely would not get a refund from any store for a used mattress (unless it is faulty)and most would not offer an exchange either! I like a very firm mattress and find that the latex mattress excellent. I think people need to also give priority to the slatted/solid base that you choose to go with your mattress as this can have a profound effect. Got nothing but praise for ikea mattresses and their after sale service!

  23. Lucy He says:

    Bought a Hesseng mattress last week, the smell was just terrible. Do expesive mattresses always like this? Having been left it airout for 10 days still smelly. The store has agreed for an exchange, but not sure if it will be the same. If I knew refund is impossible I won’t buy it from IKEA.

  24. Rhonda Fleming says:

    I bought a Sultan Finnvik. HATE IT. Wake up in the middle of the night with my hips aching. This was is an exchange for another that was uncomfortable. So I am stuck with it. Well actually I’m going to give it away and buy a real mattress. I think this must be an European preference difference. The warranty/return is not clearly stated until you have lugged it back into the store and are standing in the long line, receipt in hand, to be told you cannot return it for a refund. Store credit only. Can be exchanged only once. So if second one is uncomfortable, as mine is, you are stuck with it. Much like the airlines. Understated or hidden charges. Very disappointed.

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