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IKEA Once A Year Sale

Posted on December 27, 2010 at 10:41 am
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IKEA Sale Once A Year

Leave it to IKEA to do things upside down this holiday shopping season. First, no Black Friday Sale. Then, the annual Once a Year Sale  (also known as the IKEA Winter Sale) happens AFTER the biggest shopping season of the year. Sheesh!

When WILL they start consulting me before making these kinds of decisions?!?

Well, here’s hoping you have lots of returns to make and money left over to shop at IKEA during the Once a Year Sale happening now through January 9th. Find out what’s on sale and how to get FREE Food after the jump…

IKEA Once A Year Sale – aka the IKEA Winter Sale

Save big (up to 60%!) at the Once a Year Sale at IKEA now through January 9, 2011. Plus, the IKEA Restaurant is offering FREE Kids’ Meals through January 9th – way to save on an entire day of meals for the family!

Kids under 12 choose three items from the kids menu for a free meal. No adult purchase necessary, but the child must be present for the meal to be purchased.

IKEA – What’s On Sale?

Hard to say… each store is presenting their own offers. For instance, at my store – IKEA Woodbridge – the NUTID side by side refrigerator is now only $499, down from $799. At IKEA Twin Cities, the ELDIG gas cooktop is only $249 – $100 off!

Do me a favor, and comment with what’s on sale at your store. Maybe I’ll make a road trip…

Check YOUR local store, and take the kiddies shopping!


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9 Responses to “IKEA Once A Year Sale”

  1. macbride says:

    At Conshohocken, the 24″ Nutid hood is just $199, down from $799. The luftig hood is $499, down from $1299. Nexus yellow brown doors are marked down 50%.

  2. Susan says:

    Wow – great deals on hoods! Thanks for giving us the scoop on Conshohocken IKEA’s Winter Sale deals!

  3. mrprez says:

    We scored a Nutid 30″ hood at the Charlotte store for $399 marked down from $799.

  4. Susan says:

    w00t! Great score!

  5. andrew says:

    Schaumburg has the lack TV stand for $19.99.

  6. yasky says:

    The side by side fridge you mention is $399 at the Brooklyn store!!

  7. macbride says:

    Conshohocken also had some appliance deals. A Renlig integrated panel dishwasher for $249, several of the energisk fridges in white for $349 (I think) and some of the fancy SS nutid fridges marked down to $999. These were all in the as-is section. Strangely enough, the as-is area was almost empty otherwise. Some furniture pieces, but almost no linens, no kitchen cabinet components, etc.

  8. yogafan says:

    if you really really really want one, Seattle Ikea has a pink Malm three drawer dresser for $99.

  9. Lindsayanng says:

    Just got back from the New Haven, CT store and although I wasn’t shopping for appliances so I can’t comment on those prices – I didn’t see any super great deals!! Most of the discounted things were the things that were cheap to begin with like that Vika desk tops and the Hajdeby chairs (19.99 on sale for 9.99) I was a little disappointed – was hoping for a sale on some of the Effectiv units

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