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IKEA Play Kitchens – AWESOME IKEA Hacks Inside!

Posted on February 1, 2010 at 10:13 pm
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ihackea-ikea-play-kitchen-lights-onForget Little Tikes play kitchen sets! This is the most absolutely freaking amazing IKEA Hack I’ve seen to date…and I’ve seen a LOT!  This IKEA play kitchen by IKEA Fans member ‘ihackea’ includes a toy refrigerator, sink cabinet and an oven that – get this – lights up! This is a truly cookin’ kitchen!

This father actually taught himself circuitry in order to create the LED lighting that glows brighter as you ‘turn up the heat.’ Awesome! Soooo much better than a Little Tikes play kitchen in molded plastic! Oh, to be a kid again! I wonder if I could get away with playing in one…? Details, plus other IKEA Play Kitchen Projects and the How-To for this IKEA hack after the jump…

ihackea’s Kid’s Play Kitchen

We’ve been following along with ihackea as he created this masterpiece for his daughters, ages 1 and 3 1/2, in the thread Play Kitchen in Progress Read up to get all the details, but below I’ll share his synopsis and final supplies list:

  • Fridge frame: EFFEKTIV WALL CABINET – 40105241
  • Fridge door: EFFEKTIVE FILE FRAME FRONT – 70151203
  • Sink Cabinet: EFFEKTIV WALL CABINET – 40105241
  • Sink Doors: EFFEKTIVE DOORS – 60109455
  • Stove/Oven: ANEBODA NIGHTSTAND – 30121760
  • Sink: TROFAST STORAGE BOX – 80089239
  • Oven Door Handle: LANSA 10 1/16″ – 40138760
  • Sink Door Handles: LANSA 10 1/16″ – 40138760
  • Fridge Door Handle: LANSA 21 7/16″ – 60138759

I also bought 4″, 6″ and 8″ CAPITA legs to adjust the height of the kitchen as my girls get taller. I’m currently using the 4″ legs.

As noted above, the range is a hacked Aneboda night stand. I basically cut it down so it matched the height of the EFFEKTIV cabinet. The oven door is the original drawer front. I used a sliding friction bracket and chain (both from to prevent the door from opening too fast and keeping it from opening past 90 degrees. The door is secured using a 12″ piano hinge ( All of the electronics, including LEDs, are hidden and cannot be reached by the kids. In the oven, there are eight red LEDs mounted in two rows under darkly tinted plexiglass ( These lights are powered by 4 AA batteries and are controlled by the switch above the burners. Each burner contains 4 red LEDs that are mounted underneath drain grates (NDS Grates) that I purchased from Home Depot. I also placed some clear plexiglass in the drain grates so nothing falls in between the slots. I used some metal vent caps on the underside of the burners so you can’t see the wires underneath. These drain grates are placed in 4 ¼” holes that I cut out using a hole saw bit and are then secured to the top of the night stand using mirror brackets that I painted black to match the drain grates. Each burner is controlled by switched potentiometers with radio knobs from Radio Shack. The wiring and circuit board are located in the space between the burners and the stove, and can be accessed by removing the knobs and pulling the off panel in front or by unscrewing the panel in back. All 16 LEDs in the burners are powered by another 4 AA batteries.

The sink cabinet and refrigerator are both Effektiv wall cabinets, with the latter being used on its side. I cut a hole in the top of the sink cabinet to set the TROFAST storage box and holes for the faucet (purchased on I also reused some IKEA parts from the Aneboda nightstand to build a middle support and a shelf. In order to convert the frame front to a door for the refrigerator, I drilled some holes in the frame front using a forstner bit to accommodate the IKEA door hinges.

For the circuit board, I used a modular breadboard from RadioShack. I was going to attempt to make my own printed circuit board, but I didn’t have the time to do so, and my wife would’ve killed me if I spent more time on this. Anyhow, to ensure that the LEDs in the burners increased linearly in intensity, I created a pulse width modulator (PWM) circuit using a 555 chip for each burner. If anyone is interested, I can provide the details of the circuit separately (it’s not really legible right now as I created it over many late nights after teaching myself about circuits). Well, that’s about it. Oh, the total came to roughly $400 for the entire project. Hope you all like it!

IKEA Play Kitchen


IKEA has actually produced a kid’s play kitchen called DUKTIG – it’s $99 for the base unit and $39 for the top section. Both shown above for a total of $138. I think our solutions are much brighter… (Please, parents – remember to secure these play items to the wall. Prevent furniture tip-overs and save a child’s life!)

Play Kitchens on IKEA Hacker

As mentioned, we’ve seen some really cool kids’ play kitchen ideas on other sites. Here are just a few…

Lisa’s IKEA Play Kitchen


We first saw Lisa’s play kitchen on ikeahacker, but she details the whole setup and shows many more pictures in her blog post Play Kitchen.

Zen Bliss’ IKEA Play Kitchen


Likewise, we saw this awesome play kitchen from ikea hacker reader zen bliss on the ikea hacker site. It was less than $200 to create!

IKEA Play Kitchens on Ohdeedoh!

How to Build a Play Kitchen from IKEA Components


Over on Ohdeedoh, Apartment Therapy’s site focused on the children aspect of home design there have been quite a few sightings of cool kitchen sets for kids. Above you see one from How To Build a Play Kitchen from IKEA Components

Stephanie’s Kid’s Play Kitchen from Ohdeedoh!


Here’s Stephanie’s original play kitchen she built for her kids from IKEA stuff. See her full list of components and details at the link to the left!

Updated Play Kitchen from Ohdeedoh!


As Stephanie’s kids grew, she found a need to update and expand the play kitchen to grow with them. Same components, just moved up and expanded to accomodate growing children. Brilliant!

What a fantastic gift to give to one’s child – the gift of not only a one-of-a-kind, creative masterpiece, but the gift of your time and ingenuity in creating something special just for them.


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