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PÖANG! Swivel or Recline?

Posted on January 6, 2010 at 3:11 am
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I know I’m not the only one who’s going to be in love with this chair. Both the swivel function and the color! (I also know I’m not the only one who always hears it with a ‘twang!’ and an exclamation point at the end, but that’s another matter…). Previously only available as an armchair, the PÖANG rocking chair joined the lineup for 2010 and was in the catalog, but this new PÖANG Swivel Chair and PÖANG Lounger are NEW! More pics and new POANG options after the jump…

NEW PÖANG Chairs for 2010

IKEA PÖANG Rocking Chair

The new IKEA PÖANG Rocking Chair quietly joined the lineup in the 2010 IKEA Catalog. But really, even it if it was noisy who would have known with all the carrying-on about the new font? This one below is covered in a new fabric called KARLSRO Multicolor. Acorns and leaves. Cute.


Starting at $149 USD for a PÖANG Rocking Chair in DALA Natural and ranging to $179-$199 USD for most patterns and other solid color fabrics, the POANG remains a solid choice. With a 10 year warranty, you can count on the quality or get your money back! Even the highest priced covers ($249 USD for ROBUST leather in either off-white or dark brown and $299 USD for sheepskin in LOCKARP White or LOCKARP Grey) bring the total in at less than $300. Looks like you can use a standard PÖANG chair cover for the rocker too, so bonus!

What do you think of the rocking chair? Would it make a decent nursery rocker?

IKEA PÖANG Swivel Chair

So shoot me. I used the same picture again. Can’t help myself – I might have to redecorate my office to accomodate this chair! In KORNDAL BLUE, this new PÖANG Swivel Chair might be my next office chair of choice! Anyone have an opinion on the ’sittiness’ of the chair for working at a desk, mainly on a computer/keyboard all day? Would love to hear from you… The swivel version of the PÖANG chair runs $219 USD in KORNDAL Blue as shown:


IKEA PÖANG Lounger Chair

Lounge much? You’re in luck! You’ll have to buy new covers for this one, though – the cover is fundamentally different to accomodate the footstool portion of the lounger. But who cares? Put your feet up and forget about it! As shown, in Birch and KORNDAL Green – $229 USD.



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