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Creative Craftroom for Less Than $2K (in less than one week!)

Posted on May 12, 2010 at 4:08 pm
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ikea-craft-scrapbooking-room-6How do you create a functional craftroom with five workstations in a 162 square foot space for $2000 in just one week? With IKEA components, that’s how!

A self-described “all around craft gal,” Teresa needed to make space to create scrapbook pages and rubber stamp cards as well as paint and do some needlepoint. She’s also got a computer station set up in her craftroom in a spare bedroom on the second floor in her home.

Says Teresa of her new crafting space:

I really needed a space dedicated for my crafts that would not disrupt our home office or other areas of our home.  The budget was $2000…but I did go a little over with some of the accessories.  I really wanted it to look complete when it was all done!

Find out what Teresa used to get this look and see more pictures of this fabulous scrapbooking and crafting room after the jump!

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Crafting Components

Teresa used IKEA’s component based AKURUM kitchen cabinet system with APPLAD White doors and NUMERAR oak countertops. At each of the five workstations, she placed a DETOLF counter-height barstool. The room is carpeted, so rolling chairs were out of the question. She made good use of the space and her budget by utilizing components of the AKURUM system and adding RATIONELL organizational components as well as some small storage for craft items.

Craftroom Cabinets:

Kitchen Cabinets – AKURUM  with APPLAD Doors: 1 Corner Cabinet 37″ - 2 36″ Cabinets with drawers and doors - 1 15″ Cabinet with a drawer and door - 2 Cabinets for the Island one 30″ x 24 and the other 30″x 15 and added shelves

Door Handles for all drawers and doors: LINDSDAL

NUMERAR Counter Tops Oak: It took a total of 3 plus the large size for the island.

INGOLF Bar Stools: 5

DIGNITET Wire Curtain plus clips: to hold my current completed scrapbook projects

2 BYGEL Rails: to hang BYGEL Wire Basket (4) and hooks.

RAJTAN Spice jars: 4 packages of 4 to hold miscellanous craft items

RATIONELL Drawer Liners: Lined all the drawers with IKEA’s RATIONELL clear liner

DOKUMENT Waste Paper Baskets: 3 for trash

2 SPONTAN Magazine Racks: (one for my craft magazines the other for my open craft projects).

Drawer Organizers: RATIONELL in-drawer organizer

Small Craft Storage:

MALLA: 2 Clothes boxes with lids

MALLA: 2 boxes with lids

MALLA: 10 6×14 boxes

MALLA: 2 11×8  boxes






Teresa had this to say of her overall experience:

This is the first time I have made a major purchase from Ikea and it was a pleasure.  I was surprised how easy it was to put the cabinets and chairs together.  The attention to detail was amazing in the directions.  Ikea is now one of my favorite new stores!!  I did all of this within a weeks time frame.  Ikea delivered the counter tops and cabinets and I took it from there!  Great experience.  I will highly recommend Ikea to my crafting friends.

Thanks for sharing your craftroom project, Teresa!

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