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IKEA Soft Toys – DON’T Buy Now!

Posted on October 11, 2009 at 11:40 pm
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Children Are the Most Important People in the World

Even so, now is most decidedly NOT the time to stock up on soft toys at IKEA!  Why?!?  Are they dangerous? No. Their eyes are sewn with thread instead of plastic buttons so they can’t come off. Are they going to poison your children? No. They’re made according to the strictest materials standards in the world and then some. Are they dirty? No. And even if they were, they’re machine washable! Is there a protest on by the handcrafters association? Well, I don’t know … maybe …

But the reason I’m suggesting you NOT buy IKEA soft toys right now is because in a few weeks, IKEA will typically announce their annual Soft Toy campaign to benefit Save the Children and UNICEF.  Don’t have kids? Don’t fret! Buy one or two (really, they’re cheap!) and donate them to your local fire, rescue or police squad – they’ll hand them out to frightened children in crisis, or they’ll know who to give them to. After the jump, a little history, then on to the toys!

IKEA Soft Toy Campaigns

Since 2003, IKEA has made donations of millions of dollars from the sales of teddy bears, stuffed animals and soft toys to children’s projects all over the world. In the US, the amount of the donation made by IKEA to the children’s charities is $1 for each soft toy sold; in Europe, it’s typically 1 euro for each toy purchased.  Double the joy of your gift! At the end of the fiscal year 2008, IKEA had donated a total of 11 million euro so far to UNICEF and Save the Children.

The 2008 donations, made possible through the purchase of soft toys by IKEA’s customers worldwide, enabled UNICEF and Save the Children to start up new projects in 14 countries in addition to financing ongoing projects in 22 countries including Albania, Bangladesh, Russia, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Uganda and China. Says IKEA spokeskrokodil,

1 € is a fortune. 1 € alone is enough to provide five children with schoolbooks for one whole year.”


Not the whole collection, these are just a sampling of this cutie patootie stuffed toy collection that includes rattles and a whole lineup of friends for these guys below.  The entire FABLER line also includes mobiles, baby changing pads, bumper pads, cushions, hoods and towels, chair pads, placemats, feeding spoons, bibs, cutlery, a baby dinnerware set, diaper bag, textiles and more. Other FABLER soft toys include the FABLER Mus, FABLER Bjorn (subject of his own blog post), FABLER Hund, FABLER Groda, and FABLER Ko. Whew!  (NSFKids: There’s another version of the FABLER Krokodil in which it appears to be eating its young.)




Not certain if the hand puppets qualify as soft toys, but they sure are cute!  We have a ‘batty bat’ at home that we’ve had for years, but it’s not a glove puppet like this one from the KLAPPAR DJUR line. Also find a spider and a rather floppy looking dog. Maybe it’s cuter in person?



LOTS of cute choices in this line, though the cats are kinda creepy.  Not sure what happened there!  There are also rats and mice for those not feint of heart, but I thought I’d stick to the more traditional cats, dogs and rabbits.  Below you’ll find a bulldog, golden retriever puppy, rabbit, cat, poodle and terrier from left to right, top to bottom.  They range in price from $1.49 for itty bitty mice to $19.99 for the golden.  There are also more than one flavor of some of the toys on the IKEA US site at the moment, so check and make sure that you get the bulldog or golden you wanted.





The BARNSLIG series is part of a larger series of nursery items, like the FABLER line. Personally, I don’t find it nearly as cute nor imaginative but to each his own. The range includes other stuffed animals including an elephant with teething plates for ears, a hippo rattle with teething ring, musical pull toys and other soft toys including some as low as .49!  Also find rugs, decorative pillows, crib duvets, duvet covers, bumper pads and pillowcases, blankets, curtains and all to coordinate in your new baby room!  Black and white themes or colorful – the BARNSLIG line has something for everyone. There are also textiles if you want to sew your own and towels for the new baby’s first bath. A 3 piece dinnerware set is cute on top of the colorful placemat.  Don’t forget the burping cloths!








Ok, this is it and then I’m going home. LEKA is another nursery line, though not as extensive as BARNSLIG and FABLER.  Find play mats and baby gyms in this line, though that’s not what we came here for, is it?  The soft toys include the round fish, cat and a ball that’s available online in addition to some building blocks.  SPARKA is a line of soccer balls. Go Team!



Save the Children





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14 Responses to “IKEA Soft Toys – DON’T Buy Now!”

  1. dmcalloway says:

    hmm – I rather like the Ikea toys – they absolutely rock ! And you will pry my Gosig Marsvin stuffed hamster from my cold, dead fingers !

  2. Jolly Soft Toys says:

    All of these toys look nice but they are all short haired and efficient looking, If a child really wants to experience a soft toy especially one of an animal in should have long hair so they can pretend they are stroking the animal.

    I like these toys and I like what they represent and I would buy one on that basis :D but on how a child would enjoy the experince of this toy would be very touch n go

  3. Seeking tiger says:

    My whole family loves IKEA toys especially the klappar soft toy tiger. My five year old recently lost hers and is distraught! Well we all are as tiger was part of the family. Does anyone know where I could find a replacement ? We are happy to relocating costs!
    Seeking Tiger

  4. Mel says:

    dmcalloway, I have a friend in need of a Gosig Marsvin – I know you said a year ago that you wouldn’t part with it, but, might you reconsider now?

  5. Donna says:

    hi i was wondering if you could help me.
    My daughter who is 2 has lost her Ikea cat who was her most favourite toy in the world, we have looked everywhere and cannot find him so i think he is well and truly lost!
    It would make my little girls year if i could find her a replacement (mogo! as she calls him) he is pictured above with the tag IKEA – gosig – katt-tabby2.
    If anyone has one or knows where i could get one from please e-mail me at as i am desperate to cheer my daughter up.
    yours hopefully

  6. Murdoch says:

    Probably clutching at straws, but my little boy has lost his Tassa blue dog-thing, called Blue, and he’s inconsolable. The line is discontinued, but I’m wondering whether anyone knows of warehouse clearance places that might deal with such stock, or whether there’s an Ikea department that might be able to help.
    If anyone has one they’d sell, I will buy.

  7. Murdoch says:

    Oh, and my email is


  8. vicki says:

    Its a mummy cat.bizarre design with eyelashes and nipples.didnt think my 2year old son would love him quite as much as he has.
    The cat looks like our pet cat and everytime we call our cat it reminds him of his beloved toy :-(
    truth is i miss it more.i loved seeing him cuddle ‘aldo’ to sleep, pretend feed him and take him for walks to see the ducks.
    ive contacted the designer from ikea and she cannot help.ive searched other ways too.I just feel like an awful mum for being to busy and leaving the cat at the school bus-stop!!

  9. vicki says:

    oops my email is vicndel at ntlworld dot com


  10. Nynke Zwier says:

    I would LOVE to buy the orange pumpkin (round) cat plushie, I have been looking all over for it. Do you still have it in stock?!

    please let me know!!!

  11. Victoria says:

    Hello! My daughter has lost her ikea ferret (Kapplar vessla) and I’m afffraid this item is no longer available at Ikea stores. Does anyone know where can I find one? Tanks!!

  12. Raj says:

    Hi there! I can relate to this article because my son finds solace in his ever reliable Gosig Spaniel.

    Victoria, that’s definately true and a search on Ikea’s website will show that the ferret is no longer listed in its inventory. I believe you can do a search in ebay and you might get lucky.

  13. Helen says:

    Hi. I have several discontinued IKEA stuffed animals in my store Rock Paper Scissors (on eCrater). . I also have several items not currently listed (eg. I think I may have 1 of the TASSA blue dog-like toys in my store, and possibly one of the pumpkin-shaped cat toys). Please contact me at or via my store, if you want me to check my stock for a specific IKEA item.

  14. Юлия says:

    Where can I buy Klappar cumparata now? Very necessary. My child left it in the shop construction. It was his first toy.

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