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SOLIG Solar Lighting – Available Soon!

Posted on January 14, 2010 at 3:23 am
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solig-collection (1)

More fun stuff for summer months! Did you know that IKEA has a whole lineup of solar outdoor lighting? Fun paper hanging lanterns, table and hanging chandelier lighting as well as tube lights and uplights – the SOLIG collection has something to light up your nights!  Although not exactly new, the line is seasonal so it hasn’t been in stores since the end of the summer and you’re not likely to find it online right now. Still – it’s fun to see what’s coming and dream about warmer days…

Also, don’t forget about the SUNNAN lamp – IKEA has teamed up with UNICEF to provide one light to a child in Pakistan for every light sold, so it’s buy one, give one. BOGO at its best!


Solar Outdoor Lighting

Solar lighting, while widely available, is often an expensive proposition. However, whether you’re replacing existing traditional electric-powered outdoor lighting, or adding new lighting with solar lights, you’ll be saving much more in the long run in reduction of energy use, not to mention the money savings! With IKEA’s solar lights, you can outfit your backyard on the cheap! SOLIG lights run as little as $7.99 for pathway lighting, to $39.99 for a full-sized solar floor lamp.

IKEA’s solar outdoor lighting range, SOLIG, is available only seasonally so you won’t find it online right now and it may not even be available in stores until the end of Feburary or early March. Check with your local store for availability!

SOLIG Solar Powered Lamps

These really are like indoor lighting for the outdoors! And solar-powered to boot. How can you beat that? Maybe with the price? The solar-powered pendant lamps pictured below (available in red, white or black) are only $19.99. Article Number 301.774.41 The matching table lamp goes for just $19.99 as well and is also available in red, white or black. Article Number: 801.774.48 (see above for picture).


The floor lamp shown below is the most expensive item in the product range at $39.99. It’s available in black or white. Article Number: 901.774.38


SOLIG Solar Powered Globes

Hang a couple solar-powered globes in your garden and you’ll spark a festive spirit! The solar powered globes pictured below are just $9.99 each and come in red, white and blue. Article Number: 101.774.42 Also find fun small globes on a chain to sprinkle in the bushes – 8 globes to the light chain for only $19.99. Article Number 001.774.47 (see above for picture).


SOLIG Solar Powered Walkway Lights

Keep your walkways safe by providing ample lighting at foot level. Take care to arrange these half moon globes so that your yard doesn’t take on the look of a runway! These can also be used to highlight special areas of your garden, or point out hazard areas. Half-moon globes in transparent white, $7.99 each. Article Number: 101.774.37


SOLIG Solar Powered Uplights and Accent Lighting

Solar powered uplighting! What a way to accent a special tree or take the attention off say…the trash cans. Stake this chain of three uplights into the ground, let them soak up the solar energy during the day, and light up your nights! Chain of three solar powered uplights, $9.99 in Black. Article Number: 701.774.39


Use these staked ground lights to provide accent lighting for special areas. Solar-powered light stakes, $7.99 each. Aluminum and transparent white. Article Number: 401.774.45.


SOLIG Solar Powered Tubes

Leave it to IKEA to make the solar lighting fun. Hang one of these brightly colored lantern-like tubes in blue, white or red for only $19.99 each. Article Number: 501.774.40


My personal favorite has to be the ‘mushroom’ tube! Curl this lighting tube around a tree trunk (see picture above), an umbrella pole, or uh…maybe the dog? LOL So many fun possibilities abound.  Solar powered lighting tube, $9.99 in white only. Article Number: 301.774.36


Thanks to Yuka of Inhabitat for sending us a link to their article: IKEA Unveils New Line of Solar Powered Lighting


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18 Responses to “SOLIG Solar Lighting – Available Soon!”

  1. arnie mc connell says:

    Please contact me at the above web address as summer solig lighting becomes available, at Stoughton, Mass. or online. Thank you.

  2. Ruth says:

    Large globes no longer in Canada :(

  3. Gene says:

    I have tried two of the solar powered tubes and both have been faulty. The first one worked for two nights and then started blinking. I thought maybe it was getting light feedback causing it to turn off but when I shielded the sensor that didn’t help. So, drive way over and get another. This one worked one night and now it doesn’t even go on.

    Great idea but poorly executed. Too bad

  4. Susan says:

    Hmmm…so far, I haven’t had any trouble at all. Which lamp did you get?

  5. skazhimne says:

    I’ve just got the same problem: one of the two Solig solar-powered light chaines has started blinking on the second night of functioning. Has anyone ever managed to fix that fault by any chance?

  6. jacque says:

    ok, same here on the blinking problem. I just put up 2 strands of the small white small solig chinese laterns. 8 to a line. On the second night (tonight) 4 hours into the evening when the lights were showing, one of the strands started blinking. I tried turning on and off, didn’t work! They were classy looking, but the blinking is terrible looking, and it took a while and a lot of work to put together, then hang just right in my trees. I’m rather pissed. HELP!!

  7. jason says:

    I have three sets of the uplights and all of them start blinking when their charge gets low instead of just shutting off. Really poor design and want to return them for my money back.

  8. Sueq says:

    I too have the Solig string…2 sets and they start blinking about 2 hours after they are on. It would be nice in IKEA could contact their manufacturer and query why. I wouldn’t have gotten them had I known they would blink.

  9. jacque says:

    See my previous comment, but now as of last night, just less than a week after hanging solig chinese lanterns, the second strand has started blinking. What can I do???????

  10. Trina Grant says:

    I too have purchased three of the 8 chain lantern solar light strips, took quite a while to hang and found they blink non stop after the charge begins to wear off, they are driving us nuts and we are returning them today. Sucks to drive an hour to get our money back but this is the first of several items we have bought at Ikea that didn’t work out, but seeing how many people have had issues frustrates me that they do not recall them and stop selling them altogether.

  11. henry says:

    I want to bring them back. The blinking after the battery wears down almost got me kicked out of my apartment when someone thought it was a blinking fire..Disconcerting to say the least…these suck!
    Does anyone know of some that work right?

  12. Marinos says:

    Solution: For people who have problem with blinking solar lightings.
    For some reason IKEA advertises that solar lightings come with rechargeable batteries, but, unfortunately they don’t.
    They put normal alkaline IKEA (yellow) batteries inside so, when you place it under the sun, they do not charge.
    so the only thing you have to do is to unscrew the battery compartment, open it, replace the batteries with rechargeable ones and screw it again.
    Blinking light means “Low battery”

    Enjoy your solar lights

  13. Cris says:

    I’m from Brazil. I want to buy a solar powered lighting tube. Any one knows where i can get them? I will be at nyc in 2 weeks.

  14. Jon says:

    I have the solar uplights & mine have the blinking problem, too. I even replaced the batteries with fully-charged ‘Energizer’ rechargeables & they STILL blink. Very frustrating because I really like the lights for the short time that they actually work. I’m returning eight sets. Anyone know of any other solutions?

  15. Bonnie says:

    I checked the battery inside the solar power globe, it is green color, looks like rechargeable, not sure why it is not charging, basically the lantern does no work. I probably will bring back to the store.

  16. kalev says:

    The same problem with the flashing bulbs (001.774.47) purchased early summer from Vantaa.

  17. asnavely says:

    Purchased the same white lnatern string. Same problem……the neighbors all joke about my disco light tree. Really annoyed that they don’t work…..just bought Phillips Christmas lights cheapos from Target and they work….IKEA should be better!!!!

  18. Chris says:

    Does anyone know where I can still get the uplights? I have one set and they are fantastic. I want another 10, but can’t find them anywhere anymore.

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