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IKEA Sustainability Goals Through 2015

Posted on March 31, 2011 at 1:22 pm
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IKEA Sustainability 2010

Is IKEA Green? Can a monolithic global furniture store really be considered sustainable? And just how does environmental concern fit in with €23.1 billion in furniture sales worldwide, anyway?

Since 1989, when IKEA first appointed an environmental manager, they’ve has been working toward reducing their footprint and increasing their sustainability through environmental policies governing the use of (and banning the use of some) toxic chemicals, securing sustainable use of forestry resources, reducing energy, water and resource use and controlling waste and emissions in stores and in operations. IKEA has been publishing an Environmental and Social Responsibility report since 2004. (See a Green Timeline for IKEA)

IKEA Sustainability in 2010 and Beyond

IKEA has issued their 2010 Sustainability Report that addresses fiscal year 2010 (September 1, 2009 through August 1, 2010) sustainability goals as well as laying out goals for the next few years. Below we’ve outlined IKEA’s Sustainability Goals for 2015, plus we’ll tell you later today why the Eco-Scorecard isn’t what you think it is. But now, the five sustainability goals IKEA has identified for 2015:

IKEA Sustainability Goals 2015

More Sustainable Product Range

1. Offer a range of products that are more sustainable.

90 percent of our sales value shall come from home furnishing products classified as “more sustainable” in the IKEA Sustainability product Score Card.

All materials for home furnishing products shall be renewable, recyclable or recycled.

Our energy-consuming products shall on average be 50 percent more efficient than what was installed on the market in 2008.

Read on to learn of how IKEA intends to reduce their landfill waste from operations to zero by 2015 and to download the full 91-page IKEA 2010 Sustainability Report.

IKEA Sustainability Goals 2015Leader in Reducing Carbon Footprint

2. Taking a leading role towards a low carbon society.

By being innovative, energy efficient and using more renewable energy, we shall significantly reduce CO2 emissions from our own operations, the supply chain and customers travelling to IKEA stores.

We shall help reduce CO2 emissions in society by offering products, solutions and know-how that enable our customers to
reduce their carbon footprint and live a more sustainable life at home.

We shall actively participate in developing tools to measure a company’s positive impact on the climate.

IKEA Sustainability Goals 2015Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

3. Turning waste into resources.

We shall have zero waste to landfill from our own operations.

We shall enable and encourage customers in all markets to reuse or recycle all IKEA products at end-of-life.

IKEA Sustainability Goals 2015Reduce Water Usage

4. Reducing our water footprint.

We shall significantly reduce our water footprint in our own operations as well as throughout our supply chain.

IKEA Sustainability Goals 2015

Increased Social Responsibility

5. Taking social responsibility.

The global index average in the annual co-worker survey vOICE shall reach 700 or above out of a maximum of 1,000.

The IKEA Foundation funded projects shall reach more than 100 million children.

All IKEA units shall have a clearly defined plan for community involvement based on our Charity policy.

In addition to this 2015 Goal for Social Responsibility, IKEA has identified a goal for FY 2012 (beginning September 2011): “All our home furnishing suppliers and transport service providers shall comply with all requirements in our code of conduct, IWAY.”

Download IKEA’s 2010 Sustainability Report

Download IKEA’s Sustainability Report for 2010 in .pdf format (8.5MB)


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