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IKEA US Kitchen Sale: 20% Off + Free Financing for 24 Months

Posted on October 2, 2009 at 11:14 pm
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This is the one we’ve been waiting for, folks!  Through November 11th, 2009, get up to 20% off your dream IKEA Kitchen when you spend at least $2500. Now’s the time! Envision a dream kitchen and see the savings calculated right before your eyes on IKEA’s new Kitchen Planning page: Save Big on Your Dream Kitchen.

This Flash-y little tool won’t let you design your own kitchen layout and price it out, but never fear! We can help you with that!

Find out how, see details of the savings available in this sale and find out more about the free financing offer after the jump!

IKEA Kitchen Sale October 2 – November 11, 2009

This annual kitchens sale gives you up to 20% off IKEA Kitchens just in time to rip out that ugly old kitchen and get a new one installed before the holidays. You can even get 0% interest! Free financing! See below for details on that deal.

Kitchen Sale Deals

  • Save 10% on your entire kitchen purchase when you spend a minimum of $2500
  • Add 2 major appliances valued at at least $199 each or higher and save 15% on your entire kitchen purchase
  • Add 3 major appliances valued at at least $199 each or higher and save 20% on your entire kitchen purchase

If you’re not quite ready to cash in on the sale, you may be able to benefit on the purchase of new appliances when Cash for Clunkers Comes Home. Check with your locality for details. And remember, IKEA usually offers a Kitchen Sale again in the spring, so spend your winter planning here with us in the forums!

IKEA Kitchen Planning Help

Right here at IKEAFANS, you can get all the help you need on planning your dream kitchen. We have an amazing set of resources, not the least of which is our community.  Join us!

IKEA Kitchen Planning Guide: Start here! A roundup of our resources on kitchen planning, this guide will get you started in the right direction.

See also: Getting Started on Your Kitchen Design
Kitchen Planning Resources – Powered by Amazon, this little shop helps to support us!


IKEA Kitchen Planning Forum: Free help, advice and guidance from IKEA Kitchen experts and professionals. IKEA kitchens co-workers, designers and installers hang out here – you should too! We answer questions, plan kitchens and help troubleshoot problems all for FREE.

See also: Kitchen Planning Articles

IKEA Home Planner Forum: Troubleshooting, advice and suggestions from our experts as well as IKEA’s IT lead for the Home Planner Tool. Learn how to use this powerful tool, and learn what’s coming up for the IKEA Home Planner in the near future!

See also: IKEA Home Planner Articles

IKEA Kitchen Pictures: Our galleries are chock full of inspirational ideas, kitchen design plans and layouts, design boards as well as photographs of kitchens in progress, under construction, modifications, finished kitchens and more. Get inspired!

See also: IKEA Kitchens on Flickr

IKEAFANS Project Blogs: Follow our members’ projects from start to finish in our unique ‘Project Blogs’.  Showcase your project in pictures and words from start to finish, and get feedback from your peers. We LOVE to follow projects – start yours right now with your FREE membership!

See also: IKEAFANS Blogs

FREE Financing for 24 Months

Get that kitchen you’ve always wanted for zero interest! Qualify for IKEA Credit and purchase your $2500 (minimum) kitchen to get free financing for up to 24 months. Pay it off on time each month in 24 months, and you’ll never pay a dime in interest.

Watch out though! If you go beyond 24 months and you haven’t paid off your total, you’ll pay 24.99% on the unpaid balance. Ouch!  Offer valid from Oct 2-25th, 2009.  Check your IKEA for details.

Home Improvement Financing

I don’t pretend to know a thing about home improvement financing, refinancing, home improvement loans or financing home improvements, but our own Kelly does!  Check out her awesome article DIY IKEA: How to MAKE Money in a Soft Housing Market for information on financing home improvements and how you can play the game to win.


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